WoodBadge unit creation in Scoutbook

Would there be a way to setup a Woodbadge course as a unit and populate it with the leader participants for the purpose of tracking and communications etc? Would that be something our local Council could do or would National have to configure? We were thinking since BSA already had a great tool to use and it cold be a one stop shop for information and communications rather than spreadsheets etc etc.

@GilbertPfaff - that is not supported by scoutbook as it is not a chartered unit.

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Scoutbook is for unit management only. Since a Wood Badge course is not a chartered unit, Scoutbook cannot be used.

I recommend creating a Google account and Google Group (https://groups.google.com) for your course. We did this for multiple courses I staffed and the one I served as Course Director. You can use WB_course_number for participants and WB_course_number_staff for staff only as the group names so that they are unique and easy to remember. As staff and participants join the course, just add them to the Google Group(s).


That is reinventing the wheel every time. Where Scoutbook already has all the info in the database. Has to be a more logical way. Hand jamming every time is not efficient. We have two full Woodbadge courses every year in our Council with all patrols.


Scoutbook does not have “all the information” you would need to communicate with participants. Not everyone has an e-mail address or phone number in Scoutbook. I can tell you from personal experience it is easier to add someone to a google group than it is to add them to a unit in Scoutbook.

If you are looking for full contact information, that should be included in the registration data the Council provides to the course staff. My council uses Black Pug for all registrations which contains more information than SB ever will. For example, in addition to name, address, phone number, e-mail address, I received shirt size, dietary restrictions, and mobility limitations in the registration spreadsheet.


Thank you for the response. Would have thought someone somewhere would have come up with a more efficient IT centric way to put all this together for the Staff rather than everyone across the country reinventing the wheel. Something repeatable and shareable for the benefit of all Woodbadge courses. Given the history and scope of this training course. Kind of like Scoutbook being created at a local Council and then adopted nationally.


Each Council chooses what registration platform it uses (and pays for) for its training, camps, etc. This is not something I see National getting involved with.


Oh, I agree, it is a shame though.

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