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Wrong Date on Report

I have a Scout that Transferred into my Troop. I was looking at his History Report and it said he has been in Scouting for over 44,400 days (121 years) and he is only 17. I went to his Profile and comfirmed that he had the correct Start Date (when he crossed over from Webelos) but for some reason it is using a date of 01/01/1900.
I can’t change it, it is Grayed out. Do I have to get someone from ScoutBook Admin or the Council to fix it?

We will need to get the developers to fix this. What is the correct date for this Scout and his BSA Member ID (no names)?

Obviously, your “Scout” is actually a TIME LORD.


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Here is the information you asked for

It this the only way to get things Fixed, is with this Public Posting? I could not find a Help Desk e-mail so we don’t have to do it on a BB.

You either need to post to the forums which is typically the fastest way to get bugs fixed or convince someone in your council office to open a ticket.


This has been fixed. Please confirm and let us know.

Now it is messed the other way, it still needs to be FIXED.

That Date should read Feb. 1, 2015. That is when he crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. I know as that is the same date my Son Crossed over to the Troop also. Tristan when to a Different Troop.

Where is it pulling this Date from. As it is correct in his profile.

Scott Hackett
Scout Master, Troop 4023

I have asked the developers to look into this further.

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