Yellow triangle with a ! on scouts that register online

We have scouts that are duel enrolling online with our Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship, and they are coming in with the yellow triangle with the ! in it. How do we fix it?

Did they just get added today? I would recommend waiting for the overnight automated membership update to run. It should resolve on its own within 23-48 hours.

No, one registered in April and the other last week.

Could you post the BSA member numbers? No names, please



Because you are a Crew Admin Description: Unit Admin keyyou see all leaders and all Scouts both approved Description: verified/approvedand unapproved. To approve a Scout just edit their profile and confirm all their contact info is complete and correct. Scouts, parents and other leaders of the crew only see roster users that are approved. Description: verified/approved by BSAsignifies advancement is automatically synced with BSA.

This is what it says at the top of the Roster, but when I follow the instructions to edit the scout, there is no way to confirm their information.

@StacyBogart - are they on the roster at

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129558486 is not registered @StacyBogart

127791841 we would need a screenshot of I think - they are registered as a Participant

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MID 129558486 is only registered in a Troop, not in a Crew or ship.
MID 127791841 is registered as a Participant in a Crew but not in a Ship. In Scoutbook there are memberships in both Crew 150 and Ship 571.

24 hours after you correct these registrations, the :warning: will go away.

No, they are showing up on the Scoutbook Roster and on, but not

127791841 is a Participant in crew 150, and filled out his online paperwork to duel register with Ship 571. He is 18 so he is listed as a participant.
129558486 is a Scout in Troop 150 and filled out his online paperwork to duel register with Crew 150. he is 16.
They both show up on the Scoutbook Roster and on but not
I don’t know how to correct these registrations to make the ! Go away.


You will need to speak with your Council because these online registrations were not processed.

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When we contact them, they tell us that they don’t know why this happens and that we have to submit a paper form. Is that normal? Why do we have online registration if we have to fill out a paper form too?

You would have to ask your Council that question. Some councils prefer the national online registration system not be used.

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She tells us that we can fill them out online. Honestly, I don’t think she knows what to do on her end to process the online forms. I have had to teach her how to do things before, unfortunately, I don’t know what to tell her this time. Is there something that I can tell her to help her know what to do?

Council staff has access to an online BSA Workgroup where they can get help with things like this. She needs to use her internal contacts if she needs assistance.

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The roster at my.scouting is the official roster.

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Thank you for your assistance. I called her, and she told me that she doesn’t get help or training, that she ran a report and doesn’t see any applications, and that I will need to send in a paper application. We love the online application process because it gets processed quickly and correctly, but I guess we will need to go back to paper for our council. Grr.

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