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You currently are not connected to this Scout

I’m the CC of a new troop. When I click on some of the Scouts, I receive an error:

You currently are not connected to this Scout.

Contact the Scout’s parent, guardian, or leaders if you want to connect.

What should I do here? I can connect the Scouts’ parents, of course, but what do I tell them to do?

Try going to My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Your Name,
the click on your CC role and approve/accept the role. That should reset connections to all of the scouts in your unit.

Like Charlie said

@JSyler - could you try something… go to the unit roster, then click on your name then, click on positions and for both the CC and Unit admin role, click on them make sure the agree box is checked and then click update. Then refresh and go back to the roster and see if that changes the display of the scouts to full name.

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I’ll be darned, that seems to have worked. I had already seen that trick and tried it—but only with the Admin role. Thanks!

@KarenGallegly, I think you were having this problem as well.

Okay, so I did this, and it worked…yesterday. Today, I’m no longer connected to all the Scouts, and all of the “accept” buttons on all of my roles are unchecked. When I check the button, accept the changes, and go back, it’s unchecked again. Aaargh!

It automatically unchecks when you go into it. The important thing is that after you do it, you see the green shield by the position.

Yes, the green shield is showing up by both positions. But I still am not Connected with the Scouts I was not connected with before I fixed this yesterday. I was Connected to them after that, but now it’s reverted.

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