Youth has parent's email address

Hello! We had a parent register a new youth online two weeks ago. I don’t know how she filled out the online application on myScouting but the youth in Scoutbook now has no adult account attached, and the youth’s email address is the adult’s email address, so I can’t just add the adult in as a connection.

I reached out to council registrar who said she can’t remove the email address from the youth’s account. Any assistance is appreciated! SB User ID: 12501117 BSA Member ID: 14310048

Also, as a separate FYI, the youth’s middle name has a hyphen in it. It was included in the middle name during registration and was listed in the new profile info in IA. I was then unable to update any field for her profile including swimmer classification, due to the Save validation stating there was an invalid character in that field. The council registrar removed the hyphen from her record so we can update the other fields, but I can see this being an ongoing issue if the registration process allows a special character that Scoutbook/IA says is invalid.

Thank you again!

@JenniferFerraz I see a grandparent and a Scout with the same e-mail address.

If you would like, we can remove the e-mail from the Scout’s Scoutbook account.

The developers are working on a fix to this

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Hi Jennifer, if that would fix the issue that would be great. I don’t know how she ended up without a parent doing the app online (have only had that with paper apps), so whatever is needed, thank you!

@JenniferFerraz I have removed the e-mail address from the Scout’s userID in Scoutbook. Your council should be able to do this, too, using their Volunteer Support Tools (VST).

I have also added the grandparent (same e-mail address) as a connection.

In Scoutbook, you can go to the Scout’s Connections page and update the grandparent’s connection type.

Thank you! Council told me the system doesn’t allow them to remove the email so I will mention the VST. I appreciate your help!

I have the same issue - a few kids have their parent’s email address. Can you remove the email address from SB User IDs: 12033333, 12033323, 12033264, 12033352 please? Thank you.

@MarkZiety none of those users have an email in Scoutbook

Hi Donovan,
Could you advise me on what my next step should be? I’m trying to connect parents to the child. When I add the parent’s email address in the search field, Scout Book’s search result is the child. Example, child is NG SB ID 12033333 and parent MG’s email is (removed). When I search for (email removed), NG is the search result.

@MarkZiety If the parent is already in the unit as a parent of another scout or as a leader, you can add a connection via connections manager. Then, go to the scout’s page and their connections to modify the connection type to parent/guardian.

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@JenniferOlinger Hello! Thank you for the help with the first youth. I am working my through the rest of the new registrations. Would you also please remove the email address from SB User ID: 12501120
BSA Member ID: 14310127, which is his grandmothers, so I can add her as his guardian?

Also same issue SB User ID: 12488737 BSA Member ID: 14295367


@JenniferFerraz E-mail addresses have been removed from youth Scoutbook accounts.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you so much for the reply. Does it take a bit to update? Both accounts are still showing the emails.

@JenniferFerraz where do you see the email?

For the first one, these BSA member numbers?:


Same name, e-mail, and address, but different DOBs.

14310127 and 14295367, I click Edit Profile → takes me to IA → Primary email address field still has the adult email in there. Also if I try and add the adult as a connection it gives me an error.

@JenniferOlinger 14310109 is guardian for 14310127 that I need to link. I don’t have member 14311371 in my Roster so I can’t see the info for that one.

14295366 is the guardian for youth 14295367

Thank you!

Please contact your local council about BSA member number 14310109 / 14311371. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person, but the dates of birth are different.

I have added this one as a connection. You can go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook and change the connection type.

I would recommend having this guardian double-check his or her gender. If it is incorrect, the local council will need to correct it (we do not have the ability to change).

Hi Jennifer, I’m so sorry this keeps going. I’m still not able to add a guardian to these two accounts in Scoutbook, and both youth when I click Edit Profile are still showing the guardians email address in there as the youth’s primary email address. Are you able to just remove the email address from the two Youth accounts like you did for the first issue with 12501117 last week? I was able to resolve that first account once the email address was gone from the youth’s profile.

@JenniferFerraz The adults are already connected to the Scouts.

Please go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook (for example: “Johnny’s Connections”).
Scroll down until you see the parent or guardian’s name.
Click on the parent / guardian’s name, and then update the connection type (relationship to the Scout).

The edit profile page in internet advancement pulls from Akela, the membership database, which we are not able to remove email addresses from.