Youth member

Scout 13928850 (AOL scout) is showing up as a ‘youth member’ on Scoutbook. From a previous posting, it sounded like the ‘youth member’ account is created by a parent? I don’t understand why the usual scout profile was changed? Does it give the parent more control over the account? I thought parents already had full control with their child’s account.

Sorry, just trying to understand what a ‘youth member’ is and what is the difference?

Thank you!

Where in Scoutbook, specifically? In the messaging interface list? Somewhere else?

Yes, in the send message page.

It means that a parent created a username and password at my.scouting for the Scout.

In theory, you could message the Scout (the parent(s) would be copied). In this case, the Scout’s e-mail is the same as the parent’s, so you would basically just be e-mailing the parent.

It’s more useful in the older Scout programs (Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts, etc.)

Thank you for the great explanation!

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