Youth Protection

I am registered in two different councils with my grandson’s units. As a result, I have two different BSA numbers requiring me to take YPT for both. All of my contact informstion for both including my email address.

Isn’t there some way that my numbers can be linked so that taking YPT one time can count for both councils?

The councils are Dan Beard and Crossroads of America.


Mike Hageman


You can use the Manage Member ID function in (under the menu on the left side of the screen). Note your name and DOB must match on both registrations to do this. Any training taken on the secondary ID will be copied to the primary ID.

Does putting both IDs under management still impact having separate active Scoutbook accounts? I don’t know if there would be issues that might impact functionality (or require switching back-and-forth which BSA ID is primary).

Thanks Ed, Im looking for differences because that is not happening.


@MichaelHageman switch the primary for like 12 hours - it is a primary changed that forces the training sync to primary


The user will be logged in to the Scoutbook account that matches the primary MID. If there is no Scoutbook account with the primary MID, one will be created.

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@CharleyHamilton adults are different than youth for SB accounts - as long as you are registered as a leader - you can be a SB leader in any unit even if MID does not line up with unit

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