YPT doesn't update my status

I completed the YPT training 2 weeks ago, yet my status tells me I never completed it. How do I fix this?

Go into the Learning Center and verify you completed each module and passed the test. Do screen captues if necessary of each of the 3 modules and the test, and give that to a unit Key 3 member who can enter your training.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

@SothearNou1 One note - you cannot record it for yourself

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This is a CBT course, why do I have to have someone else enter the training? The courseware needs to be corrected instead of passing this off to someone else to do the work that should be automated. By the way, my dates also did not update and I really don’t feel like sitting through that training again with the hope that somehow it will actually record it.

By the way, IT still has not corrected the Merit Badge Counselor report.

If the dates didn’t record, then why do you think you completed?

What can you tell me about the training? Did you follow it from beginning to end, or did you skip around using bookmarks?

All resources are focused on Recharter. MB C report is low priority.


We see this frequently where someone does not let the course play to completion because of the “dead air” at the end. It would be helpful if this “dead air” was removed so the date is recorded just before the message saying the course is complete is displayed. Also, in the instructions should be a note that says be sure to let the course run to completion before exiting, otherwise completion may not be recorded.


There is no “dead air” within the modules - the dead air is a function of the Learn Center as it progresses you to the next module or to the end of the learning plan depending on where you are in the learning plan.


Then why do we continue to see comments that people finished a module but it was not recorded as complete?

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YPT_10.25.2021.pdf (40.6 KB)
Well maybe because I have a certificate that stated I completed it. We need to stop making excuses and get things fixed.

@RonaldBlaisdell @TimothyRogers

I looked at @RichardHall’s record in Akela. It shows he has not yet completed SCO_3008 which would explain why his YPT training date has not updated. The question that needs to be answered is why did the system generate a completion certificate with a 10/25/21 date when one of the 3 modules is not marked complete?

The certificate is only for completion of the the YPT Certification Test and is not the Y01 certificate that is generated in my.scouting and the one e-mailed by my.scouting (when achieved) to the member.

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Then maybe some thought needs to go into the wording on these certificates. I can see how someone could interpret completing the certification test and getting a certificate means they have completed YPT.

Adding wording such as “This certificate is not evidence of completion of Youth Protection Training” would help minimize confusion.


While we are at it just add Hazardous weather in as a 4th module and call it good. :grin:

There is an instructional video on how YPT works at Learning Library | Boy Scouts of America

Which most people will never view.


I’m just going to come out and say this. If we need a video explaining how it works outside of the video to take the training then maybe it is too complicated.


The funny thing is about 3 hours after I posted this I got an email from BSA stating my YPT has been updated. Of course, I was in the middle of retaking the entire YPT again when I received the email.

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