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I have new leaders that I need to add to scoutbook, and get them YPT and den leader training. They have filled out their applications but I dont yet see them on scoutbook and I’m not sure how to go about getting them registered/set up for training. Do we just wait until their applications have processed or is there an action I need to take?

Just wait for applications to process and speak to your council or District for advise

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Are you aware they they have to complete YPT before they can be registered?

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I think this is for a new unit. They should have someone from their district / council to guide them through the process.

As for training, the adults should go to my.scouting.org, and log in to their account (they might need to create an account, if they do not already have one).

The training works best if you use Chrome or Edge. If they use a different browser, the training might not work.

To take the BSA’s Youth Protection Training, they should click on the “Youth Protection Begins With You” picture on the right side (click the picture to take the training in English or Spanish).

Then take all of the modules in the “Mandatory- Youth Protection Training” learning plan. (They do not have to complete all modules in one sitting.)

Youth protection and den leader training is available online. Complete the youth protection training first. Some states and/or territories have additional training that needs to be completed.

I believe online den leader training can be started before the application is completed and BSA member ID is assigned. There is “before first meeting” training available online via https://my.scouting.org/

I believe the leader needs to be assigned to their den in Scoutbook once membership information is available.

The leader’s https://my.scouting.org account will also need to be updated with the assigned BSA member ID number.



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