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YPT Not recording completions

Mr. McNeil, our Key 3 has delegated the Training Manager to me for the Troop (actually both troops, we have a male and a female troop to manage), though I can’t enter my own training. However, you still have to prove that you completed the modules, and since they don’t generate a cert for those, it turns into the same drill as using the legacy tool, etc…

Well no person can enter their own training (I guess a Scouter is not Trustworthy) - But I can enter it for another person in my unit

If a person may enter their own training, then a cheater is allowed to cheat, even if there is never a cheater.

When a second person must be involved in the process, it becomes more like “trust, but verify.”

Mr. McNeil, I wasn’t complaining, I was making a point for those that may not know a person can’t enter their own training. I have entered a good number of training completions and certifications for adult leaders that they earned out of council and only had a paper certificate to validate their completion, such as from a summer camp-provided course. For clarification, I didn’t just take over this position, I’ve been our Unit Training Chair for over three years. I’ve dealt with other training systems for other organizations for over thirty. I appreciate Mr. Hillenbrand for escalating this issue to a National level, because it affects a great many people in the organization, not just my Troop. I don’t sit on my thumbs when I find a concern with the system, and I didn’t see any other entry addressing it. There are other issues with how this system documents, tracks, and generates the certificates for various trainings. The training and tracking system is not user friendly IMHO to personnel using it, as I regularly have to walk leaders and parents through the system so they can just get to it to take it. I appreciate your feedback, but in this instance my entering someone’s completions won’t work.

I hate to have to complain, but with recharter coming up, having to find and navigate work arounds on a key requirement for recharter makes recharter more difficult than it needs to be. It would have been nice if some one planning recharter caught back when recharter was being planned and that the problem and solutions would have been immediately and directly communicated to all scout leaders instead of waiting for us to run into the problem and then have to search for a fix.

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I had the same problem. I emailed the help desk and sent my Scout ID. They updated my profile and found the test. The email is at the bottom of the page.

Mr. Flynn, thank you, however, that method only fixes the issue for one person at a time. My effort is to correct the issue for all who follow, because the help desk may not be looking at the issue holistically for all when dealing with a single individual’s account.

Craig - I’ll refer you back to Rick Hillenbrand’s post above. It appears to be an LMS issue, and they are working on it. Unfortunately it is not a My.Scouting issue, so it goes over to ScoutingU to be corrected.


yessir, copied that, and thanked him for the escalation to help everyone trying to get through this issue. Showed my Committee members at our meeting the other night what I was seeing with the issues and that it is being addressed at higher levels…

Agree. Think they need a deep look, but after seeing the email on the JTE suspension due to COVID and reduction in IT staff, unsure if it’ll get addressed. Ugh.

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So, just as an update, our BSA CIO is personally involved with trying to ‘help’ ScoutingU get this fixed. The issue at this time is the new contractor that was hired made some mistakes. ScoutingU is working to get the issues fixed. Vijay has personally made suggestions on what needs to be specifically done.