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YPT sync is not working

We have four leaders who’s YPT in not syncing. Jira tickets and dates of training in 2019 are:

SSD-65669 = February 06
SSD-65670 = March 20
SSD-65672 = April 14
SSD-65671 = April 19

It is a known bug that is being addressed - the official place to view all training is - not Scoutbook

I agree, My.Scouting is the place for training records. However, Scoutbook has chosen to display YPT status in a sync’d fashion and it is not working for recent YPT.

The developers are looking into it. YPT is supposed to be updated nightly in Scoutbook because MBC search will not display an MBC with expired YPT.

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An issue was found in the code that pulls YPT data from each night. This issue has been corrected and your users should have good YPT dates after tonight’s run.

Note we were told that the user mentioned in SSD-65672 does not have completed YPT recorded in That leader may not have completed all 3 modules and the quiz.

I have noticed that the training classes Under Troop Committee Member in my Scoutbook are the old (pre Jan 1, 2019) course #s. Is this what is preventing a sync for the course completion?

No, that is not the cause. The ScoutBook training will not be fixed. Use the training reporting in ScoutBook is planning on providing links to the pages and reports to reduce the confusion. Currently only the general link is showing.

Thank you for the update.

For SSD-65672, the training record shown on BSA Training Validation is:

SCO_3008 Overview and Policies 04/14/2019
SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse 04/14/2019
SCO_3010 Bullying 04/14/2019
SCO_3011 YPT Certification Test 04/14/2019
Y01 Youth Protection Training Certification 04/14/2019
Y01 Youth Protection Training 08/29/2016
Y01 Youth Protection Training Certification 08/29/2016

The four modules show as done. These four modules are new as of 2019-02-27, replacing four with similar titles.


Let us know tomorrow if all 4 of your YPT issues have been corrected. If not, let us know which are still open and I’ll feed this back to the developers.

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My thanks to the developers. Three have sync’d. SSD-65672 has not.

Is this now a My.Scouting issue that her modules were not recorded correctly? She has a certificate and the Legacy Tool Training Validation shows the modules as done.

Thanks for your efforts.


I was told by the development team that the YPT for SSD-65672 was not in My suggestion is you update SSD-65672 with that and request it be forwarded to the proper team for further debug.

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