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YPT training issue

I have tried to complete the YPT training several times, on iOS, Chrome, Edge, and FireFox. I cannot get the training to show the full screen, the bottom section is truncated on them all. I get hung up on certain points as I can’t access the buttons to continue the training, they are off the screen. Looks like numerous people have had this problem from my online searches.

Any fix you are aware of?

Have you tried using CTRL and the “-” (minus) button to change your screen size to make it smaller until the truncated buttons show up?

@Stephen_Hornak Do you have any other suggestions?

@MarkHartman1 - having just taken YPT on my pc the window aspect ratio was fine for all child windows and transitions. I do note that you mentioned iOS, which is mobile… a platform on which I would never attempt training. I did mine on win10 on 2 24" flat panels. This does as @JenniferOlinger notes seems like a browser view ratio… scaling it below 100+ percent should present all areas for the window.

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I’ve intermittently had problems with that sort of thing on other training courses, but not YPT. I’ve generally had success with “Ctrl 0” (zero not letter O) or, if it still doesn’t “fit”, trying to shrink using “Ctrl -” generally got me there eventually, although it was occasionally hard to find the button at too small a size.

Have you tried the suggestion that @JenniferOlinger offered and it didn’t resolve the issue?

On iOS also make sure that your “Display Zoom” is not enabled under “Display & Brightness” in the Settings app.

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I have found that (in chrome) If I resize the browser and make it smaller I will be able to see the whole video screen.

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@JohnGeiser - yupper… that was what I was trying to state in far to many words… :slight_smile:

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Zooming in and out didn’t work for me. I actually had to take the browser out of maximize and resize it on the monitor.

@JohnGeiser - yup that also in play. There are many web sites and training generators that do not auto sense that child window dimension. That is primarily why I stay away from trying things on mobile. At work it is 2-27" panels and at home 2-24" so at least I have real estate to muck with window sizing and zoom. But again these are child windows spawned by the browser.

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Training video starts to load then stops. I only get the title across the top of the screen and a horizontal line on top and vertical line across the left side.

Thanks y’all! The zoom controls recommendation worked.

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You might try an incognito window. I know these websites can be temperamental.

That’s a great idea! I wouldn’t have thought of that.



My YPT will not load. A 504 timeout error occurs every time I try to access it. Any suggestions? i have reloaded it and restarted the website multiple times with no success

Gateway timeout means the system is down. Just wait until tomorrow and try again.

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