ZOOM Merit Badges... The GOOD, The BAD...and The INBETWEEN

Been teaching Zoom MBs LIVE for 2.5 years now and have attended/observed 4 taught by other MBCs… COVID has catalyzed this MB “Vehicle” and I’ve got some opinions I’d like to present in a formal presentation / mini-paper. LOOKING FOR INPUT from your experiences! you would be willing to share…

  1. Encouraged by your Scout Leaders? Why? Why not?
  2. Do they help with finding scarce MBCs?
  3. Do Scouts do them with a fellow Scout / their Patrol/Troop?
  4. Alone?
  5. The Pre-Reqs / Deliverables sent to MBC or the Scoutmaster?
  6. Parental presence required? monitored?
  7. Incorporating Video clips ? (You Tube)
  8. Are they RECORDED and available for the Scout, the SM or Troop designee to review?
  9. Are Scouts visibly monitored during the Sessions?
  10. Feedback from Scouts?

These are highly variable experiences across the SPECTRUM of MBCs… MBCs EXPERIENCE, QUALIFICATIONS, EFFECTIVENESS TEACHING… the MB Requirements themselves lending or not to the FORMAT…
—> Am I wandering into a Swamp of Variables that will DEFY GENERALIZING ?
Thanks for your thoughts !
Either here or privately charles616@aol.com
Charlie Daschbach

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@CharlesDaschbach - this is NOT the venue for this.

Yes this is a Roundtable or Facebook Group question - this forum focuses on BSA Technology

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Really wish we could discuss this here, but we are limited in our scope.

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