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Merging Two Scoutbook Accounts - NOT BSA Accounts

My son transferred from transatlantic counil to Sam Houston. He now has two BSA Id’s. Scoutbook used to merge accounts when this sort of thing happened. Now they don’t as of Sept 1, 2020. They said to contact council which I did. They have NO CLUE how to do this. So now what do I do??? Any ideas???


If you just wait for the Application with transatlantic to go through all advancements will flow to your son’s new BSA # and Scoutbook account - if your son has been invited to Scoutbook so he can sign in himself the SUAC can help you with that

I don’t understand. I can still see his account in Transatlantic. All his records are there. When looking at his account in Sam Houston. Nothing is there.

OK sorry read it backwards - has the Sam Houston Application been processed yet?

let me finish some work and I will direct message you to take a look at the accounts

Donovan, I’m also viewing. I have two Cubs that came from out of state. One transferred in without any problems (Scoutbook synched and everything), but one is still having an error. His old Scoutbook info came into my unit but it says that he is not matched to a Scout on my unit roster. I suspect it is because of two BSA IDs. My council registrar has no idea and cannot fix it. Any ideas?

@MichaelAcosta have admin go to Scouts membership > unapprove and save > then go back in and approve again

Im a unit Scoutbook admin. What do you mean “unapprove and save”…I’m in the Scout’s membership section and do not see that option.

… Please do not post scout names

You are in Profile - click the membership tab

I’m here, screenshot trimmed out to not show names…

click the webelos member and do as stated above

OK @AmandaJones - I am freer now - I am sending you a direct message to get info - look at avatar in top right corner to see it

Of course, this happens…I’ll be back on when it is hopefully fixed.

BTW, sorry @AmandaJones, I didn’t mean to hijack Mr. McNeil…thought y’all had a pause in your troubleshooting!

Yes, Sam houston has processed his application. He has a new id number in SHAC

@AmandaJones see the direct message in top right avatar on screen - it will be a green circle number

@MichaelAcosta Click on the Scout’s current membership with your pack, uncheck the box next to “Position Approved”, then Update. Then click on it again, check the box next to “Position Approved”, and Update.

Will give it a shot in a bit. For now, still getting this error when I click “Update” after unchecking "position approved.

We have two Scouts with this same issue and multiple adult Scouters. I’d love to learn how to solve this once and for all.