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Adult leaders dropped from Scoutbook roster

@RebeccaBurkhead OK they are merged - positions will appear after 4pm CST today - Login is my.scouting.org user/PW - rstankiewicz

Thank you! So helpful!

Good afternoon, I am a Bear Den Leader with Pack 20. I have access to my record and my son’s record but cannot access my other scouts in my den. BSA number 135754328

@KirkVenderlic I am looking into this for you

@KirkVenderlic I fixed your account and login - a unit Admin needs to go in and assign you a den and make you den admin - your registered BSA # is 10659578

Good Morning, several adult leaders have lost access to their account. I was able to access both mine and my children’s accounts on Monday. Today I don’t even have access to my dashboard. Who can help us correct this? What information is needed? My BSA# is 130624060.

@NeishaRhodes looks like you logged in with your email insted of you my.scouting user name and hit an old account - I have merged them - log in with you my.scouting.org user name and password - Neishar99

I have been dropped as a den leader and den admin. I can not access any of my scouts on my roster. Can you help me? My ID is 135792273.

@StacyLeimbach I do not see any current registrations for you - I see old ones from MO - but none in FL - check with your Key 3 Leaders for them to look at my.scouting.org Roster to see if there is a different BSA # or to see if you are a registered leader

Thank you for looking into this.

Thank you for checking on this. Unfortunately I still do not have access to my roles or linked accounts. When I login I do not have access to my dashboard. I can only access “My Account”.


You must log in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting.org ID Neishar99 not an e-mail address.

I have an ASM who has been dropped from scoutbook. His YPT is up to date. The BSA ID that i can see on scoutbook when i look at his profile linked to his sons account shows a different BSA ID then what council shows for him. Any help to get him re-associated would be great

@RustyRussell1 post the BSA IDs and we can take a look

Council shows 122628532
Scoutbook shows 127551779

@RustyRussell1 yeah not sure what happened here - but I have it cleaned up - ASM position should appear this evening

Thank you very much for the assistance

Do we have any updates available for my situation?

Thank you

@KirkVenderlic as I said a few days ago “a unit Admin needs to go in and assign you a den and make you den admin - your registered BSA # is 10659578” - you need to talk to your unit leaders to do the rest of the fix

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Unit admins are typically at least CM/SM, CC, and COR. They (or another unit admin) can designate additional unit admins.

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