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Adult Partner registering as committee member

I have several parents that exist in Scoutbook as Adult Partners or as former Adult Partners. This means that they have a BSA MemberID. They are now looking to join the Pack Committee. How do they register and prevent a new profile being created? I want to ensure that I have the right directions for them.

Thank you.

That is up to the registrar - they should search for name and DOB when adding the new application and see the other account - it is a shot in the dark often

The easiest thing would be to have them fill out a paper app and write their existing member number on it.

If you’re looking to do online apps, I’d have them do the following:

  1. Sign up for a my.scouting account. They have to do that to complete YPT anyway.
  2. Click the scout symbol > legacy web tools > manage member ID. If the correct bsa member number is not listed as primary, add it and/or set it as primary.
  3. Wait a day for everything, including YPT, to sync between systems
  4. Submit the online app.

I don’t know if that’s full proof, but I’m pretty sure it’ll work. Let me know either way.

Hi, @MichaelTrotochaud,

What we’ve done (with varying levels of success) is include the BSA ID number listed in that adult’s current profile (i.e. the one that already exists when they log in) on the BSA adult application where it asks for BSA ID number for a current registration/transfer. I don’t have an app in front of me, but I believe it’s in the bottom right corner of the latest application forms. We write “EXISTING BSA ID” in large letters on the form to draw attention to the area. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t, we have to go back to the registrar and have them get rid of the spurious BSA ID, then have scoutbook.support@scouting.org merge the “new” account into the existing one and keep the correct BSA ID number, so that everything stays where it belongs.

Why use up Member ID numbers and make extra work for people?

More to investigate. The challenge is how it has been software coded (or not coded.) The online registration system appears to be limited in what it can do

The last step suggested, that is registering online in the same unit maybe problematic. The online registration system is for people new to the unit, not for “Multiple Registration” in the same unit.

Per the Online Registration UNIT GUIDEBOOK, November, 2018, p. 2,

3. The Application Manager:
o Collects completed applications from new youth and adults; * …

FOOTNOTE: Youth and adults who use this system should be new to Scouting or be currently registered in a unit and applying to multiple in a different unit than the one in which they are currently registered. This system is not designed to register non-paying adult positions, position changes in the same unit, or youth or adult renewals.

However the Registration Guidebook, July 2019, states

Adult Leadership Requirements (extract)
Minimum age—21, except CA, DA, WA, 92U, LP, AP, who may be 18
Gender limitations—Male or female
Transfers allowed?—Yes
Multiple registrations allowed?—Yes
Membership fee for 12 months—$$ per year, except IH, AP, and LP positions (which are not registered adult positions, so no fee is required) …
Exceptions to standard requirements—None

Unit Leader Approval, p/ 19

The chartered organization representative is approved by the head of the chartered organization. All other adult leader applications must be accepted and approved by the head of the chartered organization or the chartered organization representative. The approval occurs at the time of the initial application and again each year at the time of renewal, and whenever adult leaders change registered positions, such as from committee member to den leader. By approving an adult application or renewal, the organization attests that they have reviewed the application and the responses to any questions answered “Yes,” and have made any follow-up inquiries necessary to be satisfied that the applicant possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities to be an adult leader in the BSA.

Adult Leader Joining Requirements , p.22ff
The BSA is open to all who meet the requirements, and leaders are selected based on individual merit.
Adult leaders must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the BSA deems necessary for positive leadership to youth. They must also:
• Abide by the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Scouter Code of Conduct
• Subscribe to the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle
• Reside within the USA or a U.S. territory, or be a U.S. citizen residing outside the USA
• Be 21 years of age or older for primary leadership positions
• Be 18 years of age or older for assistant leadership positions
• Complete Youth Protection training (YPT) before the application is processed and renew training as required by going to my.Scouting.org and creating an account
• Review the disclosure information related to the BSA’s background check process and sign a background check authorization form

Youth Protection training is required for all leaders at the time of registration. Councils are prohibited from overriding the registration system to register any leader whose Youth Protection training is not current.

The adult leader application process is not complete until Youth Protection training has been completed and a criminal background check has been obtained.

All adults accompanying a Scouting unit on a Scouting activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered leaders, including completion of a criminal background check and Youth Protection training, even if they are the parent of a youth on the trip. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.

Adult Application Requirements

The official adult application, paper or online, is always required for registering a new adult. Any change of position, transfer from one unit to another, or multiple registration during the year requires a newly completed adult application.

• Full legal name • Home address • Phone number • Date of birth • Social Security number • Applicant signature • Position applying for • Answers to questions 1–6

• Signed criminal background check authorization Form
• Proof of Youth Protection training unless the council can verify completed training through BSA systems
• Signature of the chartered organization head or representative

The adult leader application process is not complete until Youth Protection training has been completed and a criminal background check has been obtained.

An adult may participate in more than one unit with the payment of one primary registration, but a completed signed application is required for each unit or non-unit registration.

Adult Application Approval

Unit Adults. The chartered organization representative is approved by the head of the chartered organization. All other adult leader applications must be accepted and approved by the head of the chartered organization or the chartered organization representative. The Scout executive or designee must approve all adults who answer “yes” to any Additional Information question on the adult application.

While that’s a great point and it may not work to submit online, I don’t see anything on that documentation that would preclude it in this situation. It is not:

  1. A non-paying adult position that they are registering for.
  2. A position change
  3. A renewal

My concern with them trying to register online is that the system would probably give them a new BSA ID #, but they already have one because they are an Adult Partner.

It assigns the new bsa member number when they create the my.scouting profile. That’s why I included the step about making sure it is primary.

  1. I remember last year BSA was going to change online registration to require a my.Scouting Tools account first so they would some contact information and a way to connect the two systems before doing the online registration.
  2. I think part of the delay in getting the revised registration documentation released (until mid-2019) and training updated, was due to continuing revision to the online registration system.
  3. The “AP” - Adult Partner, is included with the leaders codes in one spot in the registration guidebook. But they are not official non-youth members of BSA. This may be historic ScoutNet coding legacy.

yes - Adult partners are entered off the Youth application is what I understand, not an Adult App - would have to look if they even have BSA #s

They do have bsa member numbers

So it sounds like there isn’t any really good method to do this. We can:

Complete a paper application and include the existing BSA # on the application and hope that the existing BSA# is used.

Complete an online application, have a new BSA # generated, and then have the two numbers merged after the fact.

It looks like the paper application is easier from an IT perspective, but the online application is easier from a unit admin perspective.

My question then becomes a curiousity question. When I have to request that Scoutbook merge two accounts, is that done in Scoutbook, or do the accounts become merged in another BSA database removing the second BSA# from the records?

individual users can merge accounts in my.scouting.org using Legacy Tools > Manage Member ID

If you follow the instructions I laid out, I think there’s a 60-70% chance it’ll work and no merging will be needed. Others may put the chances lower, but I think I’m right (or course).

It would only merge the Scoutbook accounts. You’d separately have to request a merge of the bsa member numbers which gets the other DBs.

As a side note, we’ve been told that Scoutbook merges do not merge youth advancement records. I believe that would be accomplished by the bsa member number merge (for completed advancement), though.

That’s interesting, @jacobfetzer. I guess I’ll find out when they eventually make youth advancement visible for adult accounts. My “duplicate” BSA ID turned out to have been from my youth account, rather than from an extra adult registration.

If in doubt contact your council registrar and ask what they want, online, offline paper, or pieces of both?

Internet Rechartering 2018 (for comparison)

Procedure history from the BSA national commissioner’s website follows.

Internet Rechartering Frequently Asked Questions


When should an Adult Application be completed and submitted to the Council? (PDF)

The following is required: All new adult volunteer leaders must complete the Adult Application and provide their certificate of completion for Youth Protection Training. This applies to any adult record entered online during Internet Rechartering, any youth member who is promoted to an adult position during Internet Rechartering, and any adult who was previously only in the position of Executive Officer, Lion Adult Partner, and Tiger Adult. For youth in Venturing and Sea Scouts who become Venturing Participants at age 18, the Adult Application is required to comply with authorization to conduct a Criminal Background Check. If done during Internet Rechartering, the Adult Application must be submitted to the Council.

NOTE: I do not know yet if this procedure has been changed for Internet Rechartering of 2020 adult memberships.

Promo from the BSA Scouting Website

Not much about specific procedure.

How to Volunteer in Cub Scouting (extract)


Volunteering is another way you can get involved. Being a volunteer in the BSA means you have registered as an adult and have gone through an approval process.

Registering as an adult in your Pack lets others know that you are willing to go beyond just helping others but willing to take on responsibilities in the Pack. To serve in a volunteer position in Scouting requires an adult to register with the BSA.

  1. Complete an adult application, either hard copy or on-line.

  2. Complete Youth Protection Training.

  3. The pack committee chair and chartered organization reviews and approves the application.

Not all volunteers work directly with youth. Many serve in positions that support those who do.

Is there any way for Key3 to manage someone’s member ID, or do they need to do it themselves? I’m trying to make this as painless as possible for the parent.

@jacobfetzer How do we request a merge of BSA Member IDs that will get into the other DBs? I have at least one adult who has a number from completing YPT and a second number from being registered as an adult partner. They can associate both numbers in Manage MemberID, but in reality, there is no need for both numbers to exist.

Your council registrar should be able to merge them.