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Advancement import stuck in “Pending”

Developers report the queue has fully run and none are pending

I just checked and mine is still pending. Do I need to cancel it and resubmit?

Same here. I just checked and mine is still pending.

Try a SHIFT + Refresh of page

It still shows pending after Shift+Refresh

@AdamDoyle I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

I tried SHIFT+Refresh and it is still showing pending too.

how about this? Click reports and see if a Report was generated?

the last report generated was on 9/30/2020

Mine is still pending. Logged out, logged in, refreshed … still pending.

Worth a shot @JustinDexter

they say it is working so I would say cancel and try again

Ok. I just canceled and resubmitted. I will check back later to see if it’s gone through.

Its still broken. Upload is stuck in a pending state for well over an hour now.

yes I have a pending too and DEV is still looking at it

Now it just says “An internal server error occured.” Think I will step down for today and try again tomorrow.

Mine are still pending and I submitted 2 new files this morning. Please fix this I have Scouts waiting to submit applications. This has been going on for days and it is not fixed.

I just signed into Advancement 2.0 and now is shows “no records to display” this is getting worse by the day.

I am now getting the “Error An internal server error occurred” message as well

OK My Import did process