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Advancement import stuck in “Pending”

My import fails, saying there is a pending file. There isn’t. How do I fix this?

I’m having issues importing as well! I get the error code "Advancement import file must be a pipe-delimited text file. Anyone else getting this error?

@ElizabethStrot - what are you importing this from ? Which tracking app?

I’m using ScoutTrack.

@ElizabethStrot - I am not certain if they have an export file for internet advancement.

They have always had an export file system since our Pack has been using ScoutTrack for the last 6+ years. I’m not sure why all of a sudden there are issues.

@ElizabethStrot - this may provide some insight:

is this what you are using:


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@ElizabethStrot - well are you still engaged? It would be common courtesy to reply back.

It sounds like the export format from the software is not compliant with the current format for upload. This can occur either because the 3rd-party vendor didn’t update to match, the software version is out of date, or occasionally because the file was opened and edited (intentionally or not) such that it no longer complies. I’ve noticed that the error messages often don’t precisely specify what’s wrong. It might be pipe-delimited (i.e. fields separated by " | "), but there might be an extra space, tab or difference in end of line conditions that’s throwing things off.

The BSA revised the import format at some point in the not-too-distant past, so that might be what’s causing the hiccup. It could also be a permissions issue. There’s just not quite enough information in your post to rule some of these things out.

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@CharleyHamilton - take a gander at scout track… and the faq

Yeah, that was kinda what I was getting at, just a bit more explicitly. :^)

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I kindly think you sir for being engaged and trying to help me with the situation. I reached out to ScoutTrack and they are working with me to resolve the issue. I sincerely apologize for any delay in responding to reply’s to this tread. Scouting is not my full time job. There were several other more pressing issues that had to be taken care of before getting back to this.

@ElizabethStrot - thank you for responding. I had a distinct feeling that they never did certify an export file for the new Internet Advancement. The faq on their website along with other items need some critical updating.

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