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Allow Troop Admin to change Parent email address after connecting

It would be extremely helpful for a Troop Admin in Scoutbook to be able to change a Parent email address after they connected their account, so those that no longer remember their password and no longer have access to the old email address can be updated easily without going through council registrar. The banner message at the top of SB stating “Since so and so has already connected to his account he should be the primary person updating his profile. If you are posting additional contact information please get permission from so and so first” is extremely frustrating as an admin when you just want to login, solve the problem and get back to every day life. Emailing registrar takes forever. I don’t see it being a security issue or any reason for a Troop Admin to be randomly changing a parent email without that person wanting them to do so. Throughout KB there is reference to contacting scoutbook.support@scouting.org, but that email no longer works and should be scrubbed from KB.

This will not happen. It is a security issue to allow this change as any registered leader can be made a unit admin.

We have searched help.scoutbook.scouting.org for scoutbook.support and believe we have removed all instances. If you find one, please let us know.

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Still showing in post: How can a boy delete his wrong account in order for a parent to invite him to his correct one?

ScoutbookUsing Scoutbook

That’s an old forum post. The volunteers don’t have time to go back and update every old post. We already use well more than our “one hour per week” supporting users.

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Ok, wasn’t sure what you meant. Thanks!

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