Warning - another user is using your e-mail address

Hello, it seems that in the last day or two I’ve started seeing this message in my Dashboard. Can someone look into it?
Member ID 120820544

Thank you!


You have a 2nd Scoutbook ID from when you were Lion & Tiger adult partner. I will fix this for you.

@AllanShort On a related issue, you have 2 my.scouting user names. One is your e-mail address.

Which user name would you like to keep? The one that is your e-mail address? Or the other one?

Hi, thank you for responding so quickly. I would like to keep the account tied to my email.

The other my.scouting user name has been retired.

I’m the den leader and can’t post anything as another user is using my email address. From what I have read, I also have noticed that I have two logins. One as the one I want and the other as my email. Can you eliminate my email one so I can have access to update my den as they finish their awards? Thanks. My member ID is 135657644.


I will send you a private message. Look for a dark green circle with a number on top of the large green circle with white T in the upper right of your forum window.

I also have the same warning showing up… not sure if it’s related, but for the past two years, my son’s profile has my name listed twice, so it looks like he has three parents. I haven’t worried about it because I haven’t had any trouble using scoutbook. Should I be taking action about this?

The correct profile: User ID 9203736, BSA# 133331280
Bogus profile: User ID 8830369, BSA# 135836192


I also have two-member ID’s. Would it be possible for someone to merge them? The first number is 12365351 and the second is 13369370. Thanks for your help! Erin Tucker

I also see the "another user is using your e-mail address” warning in my Scoutbook. Additionally, I am struggling with MID assignments. My current registration MID is 137343758. However, when I change my primary MID in my.scouting to my new MID I can no longer see my history in Scoutbook.

MID 137343747, UserID 582616 (this is the profile I want to keep with my history)
MID 137343758, UserID 12344813 (this is my current registered MID)

Thanks in advance - Brian

@LydiaCurtis Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@ErinTucker1 Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@BrianCarroll4 Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you!

I also have this same problem! Can my two accounts be merged? 14086560 and 13926453. I believe the first number was signed up directly on the site and the second was “login with Google”, hence the same email address. Thank you!

@DanSchulman this is fixed

Thank you so very much!

This just popped up for me as well (I assume when one of my kids moved to a troop).
One number is 135948788. I’m not sure of the other.

@RichardCharts this is fixed

Thank you!
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