Brand New Scout showing up as an Existing Scout

I have a brand new Scout who’s mom signed him up using the online process on 11/9/22. She marked him down as a brand new to scouting and even paid the $25 New Scout fee.

However, in Scoutbook it shows him as being dual registered in a Troop in another Council.

The mom is listed as the mom and no other parent.

His information is:

SB User ID: 8306620
BSA Membership ID: 14770899

We have no clue as to how a brand new scout registering in Council 082 was able to be linked up with a profile from Council 525

We’d appreciate any and all help.

Thank you,


This is being looked at @JasonHuggins

The Search function to look for existing Scouts, Parents, and Leaders is not working. I’ve tried searching for names multiple times, and does not come up with any matches, ever. Even with a basic search for Robert, it shows zero matches. Unless their ID is known (which often they do not know it), how can we determine if a user account already exists? Almost every scout that is transferred in is getting duplicate accounts made, which is causing problems.

@BrendanEvans You shouldn’t need to search for Scouts or leaders, because they should automatically be added to your Scoutbook roster after they are added to the unit’s my.scouting roster.

Parents are a different issue, as there is a known bug.

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That process is not happening for many of the new Scouts months after registration. For existing scouts transferring in, when they register, duplicate accounts are being created which causes problems.

That is happening for Scouts, Leaders, and Parents.

When you say this, do you have examples of Scouts who are on your my.scouting roster, but have never shown up in Scoutbook?

12856235 and 12891087 are a couple.

@BrendanEvans The Cub Scouts with those Scoutbook userIDs are not registered.

They are not listed on your pack’s official Roster at my.scouting.

To see your my.scouting roster go to>Menu>Your Unit>Roster. If they aren’t listed there, they aren’t registered and will not auto show up in Scoutbook.

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The only cure for this is to reach out to your council (probably the registrar) and see where the registration breakdown occurred (e.g. paperwork not processed, new BSA ID created, assigned to wrong unit, no paperwork received).


Thank you. Look forward to seeing this fix. Please let me know if you need anything else. - Jason

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