Cannot log in as troop admin

Hi. I am a troop admin and Key 3. When I log in to scoutbook I can only see my sons information, nothing for the troop. I to I regain my admin/key 3 status to oversee the troops members.

Are you one of the Troop Key 3 (SM, CC, COR registered positions) or a Key 3 Delegate (functional position)? For the latter, one of the Key 3 must re-designate you at my.scouting on the position manager.

Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates are automatically set up as Unit (Troop in this case) Admins, so I wouldn’t expect there to be another step.

If you are just supposed to be a Unit Admin (not Key 3/Key 3 delegate), then any Unit Admin can restore your designated role in Scoutbook by adding the position (or removing the end date from your existing role).

@RobinMcCaul Please contact your local council for assistance.

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Our Council says this is a Narional Scoutbook issue.

I believe it has to do with recharters not being processed by Councils by the March 1st BSA deadline. This is the second year in a row this has happened to our Troops, e en though we aubmitted and paid in December. As a olunteer leader this is maddening!

The second sentance seems to refute the first…

Yes it does. However, the first is from Council and the second is my guess because of the timing.

Either way, we are locked out of Scoutbook and cannot communicate with anyone in either Troop!

Nobody seems to know why this is!

@ErikOlson1 Go to and your profile. When does it say your positions expire?

@ErikOlson1 It appears to be Recharter related. Your troops both show as expired / lapsed, and you are outside of the 60 day grace period.

Well isn’t that lovely!

We turned in both recharter packets and paid for both troops back in December! This should not be happening, but it is the second year in a row we have run into this!

Ive been in touch with my DE every day and he agrees that there should be a way for Council to check a box to continue to allow access to Scoutbook while a recharter is being worked.

How do we go about getting everything back to normal?

@ErikOlson1 I do not know any more, but Scoutbook works off of registrations. Everything will be back to normal after your troops’ Recharters get posted and an overnight sync process runs.

This is 100% your council. Not an IT or national issue.

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But you are no longer registered. The way to do this is for your council to process the charters and not let them lapse.

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The major issue is for some reason your council has not processed your recharter. That normally occurs due to a payment or training/compliance issue. The reason BSA does not give an ability to extend is at this point this unit is not a part of the BSA and has no insurance coverage and should not be functioning till this is resolved.


Not sure if you’re doing this, but including new registrations on recharter has been known to slow things down.


No new regiatrations, just renewing. No excuse for iit taking over 2 months to get done…

We paid back in December!

All leaders have current YPT!

As i said, this is the second year in a row this has happened. Sure makes us wonder why we pay in December when they can’t even process until March.

Regardless, there is NO EXCUSE foe leaving units without a way to communicate with their members! PERIOD!

There needs to be some sort of override swich at Council when things like this happen!

No kidding! But it is out of our hands. Our DE says he doesnt know what is going on.

Units should not be left in the dark like this! PERIOD!

I am a unit leader and received ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION that there was an isaue before we became locked out! That should not happen! There should be emails that flow to Key 3 if there are issues!

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Your DE should talk with your council registrar. This is 100% in your council’s lap. Not national’s, not Scoutbook.


DEs sometimes shut down as soon as they hear Scoutbook because they don’t use it at all. But they should definitely know about recharters. And if they don’t, your registrar will.

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Except not everything will be back to normal. When this happened to me this winter (we’re an August 31 renewal), it terminated the memberships of all youth and adults - both patrols and positions. I had to reinvite every scout back to their patrol and then re-establish positions all over again.