Emails not going out

I have noticed that parents including myself with apple addresses are not receiving any of the emails, including all the ones I create. This is a big problem. I started happening about 2 weeks ago - ish. most certainly 1 week ago. Prior to that - no issues. I am the scoutmaster of our troop and send out regular emails. No other big changes on our end.

We are still having this problem - CM and spouse use hotmail & yahoo - they and any others are not getting the emails for events

I tested it again and get the emails just fine but I use aol and gmail

How do we get an update?

Same issue here. Sounds like this has happened before - do we know if the emails will eventually get delivered? Or does it depend on the recipient server?

I am having the same issues. I have been able to send emails through Scoutbook, but do not receive copies of the emails I send. I do get some responses back to my messages from parents - but not all of the parents receive them. I have a different email domain than my husband and neither account is receiving emails/reminders.

I contacted my tech dept about this issue today 2/1 @ 8:30AM CST. We tried setting the firewall to accept emails/reminders. I attempted to send an email after this to both my husband and myself. Neither email came through.

Our family has both leadership roles in a Pack and Troop. We need to have this issue resolved as I don’t think it is on our individual servers end.

How will we get an update when this issue is resolved?

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Pretty sure your email providers spam filter essentially deletes them.

Generally, bug fixes and feature updates are posted in the change logs. I subscribe to them to stay on top of what’s been updated.

There’s a post here that describes how to subscribe: Change a profile picture - #26 by CharleyHamilton

I noticed this issue for my Troop as well from a Scoutbook email I sent last night. So far I have found that families with @comcast and @hotmail email addresses didn’t get the email. Strangely I tried forwarding the email that I got from Scoutbook to one of the @hotmail parents and they didn’t get the email either (I am sending from Gmail). If I copied the text of the Scoutbook email to a new email and sent it to them directly, they were able get it.

@SamAlexander I had the same issue with gmail. I found that updating my account with “+1” fixed everything. example email is

Think I updated my email in my.scouting “my profile” and also in scoutbook, but one may have updated the other.

Hope that helps,

@RichardFriesner - gmail will work until some parent flags the scoutbook enail as spam

BSA IT is working with the various spam detection vendors and internet service providers to resolve the issues. Unfortunately this is not something BSA IT can just fix on their own, they are at the mercy of other companies.

It is getting the attention of the top folks in BSA IT. They want it fixed as much as you all do.


Is there an update as of 02/06/23 ?

Any updates will be posted in the banner message. I do not expect to hear anything until the problem is solved.

Thanks, I see it now at the top of this thread.

I’ve been monitoring this thread and ScoutBook since the issue started.

Has there been an update for this problem? The banner that was on ScoutBook is no longer there but I sent a test email today, 2/12/23, and it still didn’t go through - hotmail domain.

@AprilRivas - no updates as yet

The banner is still at the top of the forums. This banner post will be updated as we get additional information.

As FYI this issue is likely impacting many other domains not listed. We have parents with EDU or Work Employer(com) not getting emails. Their email providers likely rely on some third party for blocking emails similar to the Apple/Microsoft/Comcast utilize.

I’ve found (by digging through email headers) that a lot of the work email cases we have in our unit are a domain alias of the company name on the user-facing front end, but actually handled via We don’t have any .edu domains, so I’m not as clear on that one. I suspect it’s something similar, however, based on other posts.

For sure most small organizations contract that out to another provider. There is no way to know all the domains to be listed. Even if SB knew it would be a lengthy list. Just was stating people can’t assume everyone else is OK if its not listed. (trying to get my unit to understand this is enough of a challenge)

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Yeah, it’s a tough item to manage. I tried sending out two emails. The first went from Scoutbook to all of the scouters and parents with BCC off. The second was a follow-up to the same group from my personal email asking them to respond if they hadn’t received the first email. Clunky, but I couldn’t come up with a significantly more effective strategy on short notice. :^)

I still have responses trickling in, but it at least allowed us to identify some (most?) of the adults in our unit who aren’t receiving emails. Fortunately, a lot of our adults are on gmail, so they don’t seem to be affected.