Error: Unable to connect with Wepay, try again later

ACH payment fails with error: Unable to connect with Wepay, try again later

Cradle of Liberty, 525
Pack 608

The Scouting forum is internationally publically readable. Recommend removing image.


Thanks for the hint.
Makes me wonder if this is available worldwide, why does the BSA support not respond.

I do not know if the ACH fix made today

applies to your case or not.


Developers are reaching out to WePay @ThorstenCassel

BSA IT doesn’t directly monitor these forums. The Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC) volunteers provide an interface layer between the forums and the IT/development group, directly resolving comparatively minor issues within their access capabilities. However, SUAC still needs to connect with the IT/dev group to make sure that an item is on their radar. That, together with there just being so many open threads at any given time, means that response times can be less-than-immediate, which shouldn’t be surprising. Even on commercial software packages, it can take vendors I work with a day or two to acknowledge a bug report or feature request, and significantly longer to actually see any changes (frequently months or longer, depending on how it fits into their overall development plans).


I got this error this morning when trying to pay our recharter as well. Was there a resolution or fix?

The resolution/fix for me was to clear cookies/cache on my browser. Hope this helps!

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The error message about “unable to connect with Wepay, try again later” is still appearing. Any suggestions? I’ve tried the web browsers for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Even cleared the cache and cookies on the browser. The error still shows.

Have you reached out to your unit commissioner or others that are coordinating recharter with your district and/or council? They can open tickets and have a way of escalating as their key role this time of year is successful recharters.