Hazardous Weather

I have a Den Leader who has not been able to finish the HW training. He has tried several different browsers, hardware, and it keeps stopping at 99% with a never-ending loading screen, Could something related to his account be affecting this?

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His account looks OK to me. (I don’t think this is related, but his e-mail addresses are different between my.scouting and Scoutbook.)

Last login I see for him at my.scouting and the training site are on 11/4.

I just received a similar complaint today about the last screen refusing to load.

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@RonaldBlaisdell Thoughts on this one?

When I have seen this in the past, I have recommended that they go to the TOC and try to reload from there.

TOC = Table Of Contents (in the video)

Course file distribution

BSA® uses cloud file distribution via the internet which can be affected by the loss of power due to storm damage. Usually takes about a day for network routing to recover.

The loss of physical network (internet cables) may affect the capacity of network and slow file transmission.

Some user-internet connections may limit file size allowed after a period of time

A virtual private network (VPN) connection may slow network file transmission.

This discussion is about online training.

The training being taken is “Hazardous Weather Training”.


Definitely reduce image size. Mini cameras and phones take pictures that can be as big as 24 megapixels which take up a large amount of disk space. Also, some Internet providers change the speed of uplinks and are much slower on uplinks than they are on downloads. For this reason, a browser may time out on an upload if they upload. Speed is slow and the server receiving the data is busy. Since a video screen can only display the size of a picture to 1024x768 in most cases, having a 24 megapixel picture doesn’t make much sense unless you are doing cropping and filtering etc. So why would it may not be necessary to down size a picture? It certainly makes sense in the amount of time it takes to upload the picture and the amount of space it takes up on the receiving server.