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Key personnel - Key 3

That really stinks. I don’t like the double standard. Their breaking of services (beascout pin and registration) have no grace period, but they get to take as long as they need to process the charter.

I understand their system isn’t fast for staffing and infastructure reasons. I would would appreciate the same understanding on keeping things live as we wait.

For last 3 years I have had problems at the district level that require resetting functional roles. In January 2019 BSA had to remove and rebuild my my.Scouting account. I am currently registered as an elected district member at large and merit badge counselor


  • 31 Dec - my,scouting district functional roles expire
  • January - functional roles reset
  • January - reelected for council charter year
  • January-February - expiration date changed for district member at large
  • about 1 Mar - council charter year restarts
  • March - functional roles reentered if expired by district member at large record not up to date
  • Mid-year - annual merit badge counselor information submitted and re-approved
  • Mid-year - MBC expiration date updated

Other possible issues

  • Multiple IDs created
  • Communication errors/failures
  • Update schedule (timing) error
  • Manual elected membership registration delayed


BSA IT is also frustrated that there is no grace period for these functions. Unfortunately this is a function of Scoutnet, not a lack of desire to have a grace period. The BSA is working to retire Scoutnet by moving all of its functions to other systems but it takes time to do so.

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Great to hear! It is helpful to hear that they are of the same mind, even if they can’t do anything about it right now. Thanks!

The problem we are having is our Key 3’s have moved on. Scoutbook has inserted the new Key3’s from Recharter, but in pinging a few of those whose positions have changed in Scoutbook, they no longer have any positions in My.Scouting.Org. So there is no one with rights to manage the organization in MyScouting. Not super critical at this point, but we were trying to get access to some old unit & advancement reports from IA, but no one can access it anymore nor can anyone delegate the Unit Advancement Chair…
Also have Adult Leaders dropped from roster during Recharter correctly removed from Scoutbook, but they have updated to My.Scouting.Org either so when a training report is run by someone who can still do that, all the old members are still on the report.

It’s a bit frustrating. I have opened a Support Request for at least myself so hopefully we can manually update some stuff.

it sounds like your recharter has not yet been fully processed by your council yet

Contact your district executive and/or council registrar to determine the status of your organization’s charter and agreement:

  • charter organization representative representative needs to be approved by both the organization and council Scout Executive.

If I remember correctly the unit charter and registration is not suppose to be delayed but a new COR background check (usually 1 to 4 weeks) can cause a delay.

Your district commissioner, district executive or district committee chair should be able to check what is in myScouting Member Manager for a unit, even if the district membership committee member roles have not been redefined for 2020.

I am my troop’s Advancement Chair. The last time I was in Internet Advancement was December, and it worked fine. When I try to go in today, I get the message “It looks like you don’t have the right scouting role to access Internet Advancement. Only Key 3, Key 3 delegate and Unit Advancement Chair roles have access to Internet Advancement.”

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@AliceLuciano Has your troop’s recharter processed? Functional roles such as Advancement Chair would end and need to be redesignated at recharter time.

No, apparently it’s still pending.


what is your role in your unit?

I’m the advancement chair


I’d bet your recharter has run already. A key 3 will need to go back to organization security manager and add the advancement chair role for you.

Our charter hasn’t run, but we are still in that odd interstitial time where we can’t reassign the advancement coordinator.

I thought that all of the functional roles had been restored to the pre-recharter state. Did I dream that announcement?

Functional roles that were present on December 31, 2019 were restored. What you can’t do until your recharter is processed is change the person who holds a functional role.

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Thanks, @edavignon. I misread @Matt.Johnson’s comment. I had thought he was referring to there not being anyone in that role, as opposed to not being the right person in that role.

Thank you, this was it.


Alice Luciano

Advancement Chair

Troop 727, Rancho Santa Margarita

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Does this need to be done in Scoutbook or in IA? I am having the same problem as Alice in the question above. I was in IA on Monday, Tuesday it now says I don’t have the right scouting role. I’m just trying to figure out which system I need to have reset.

@LisaKafka - that is set in my.scouting.org in the unit organization security manager. They would set you as Advancement chair.