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My Pack and Scouts are missing when I log in


The number is HD-180380

Thank you,


@LaurieSchultz-Unthan - where are you seeing the GUID error? The GUID is typically a windows registry entry for a user profile.

It is an error message that displays as a temporary pop up box when I log in to my Internet Advancement account and am set to Troop 500 (if I am set to T555 or Pack 546, which i also am connected too, it does not display). There is a picture of it in my help ticket. HD-180380

@LaurieSchultz-Unthan - ok so Internet Advancement and NOT scoutbook. So what is the URL that you are using to access it ? What are you positions in the unit and I gather this worked at some point ? Beyond that I would be willing to run a screen share to see exactly is going on. Please email if you want to give that a try.

Thank you! I actually did not have anything in my positions so I took a chance and typed myself in as Advancement Chair with no ending date and that is what fixed it!

I had this issue… somehow ALL the scouts had end dates of 6/6/2019. I removed them and suddenly everyone was back!

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