Online application and multiples: offering "desired position" as an option

I just used the online adult application to “multiple” to another unit (same COR). During that process, at NO time was I asked what my desired position was in the other unit, nor was there anywhere indicating for the COR what my desired position was. As a result a mistake was made (I wanted to be committee, not assistant scoutmaster). This was fixed after the fact, but it raises a question:

Can there be a selection box to indicate what the applicant’s desired position is? For example, on the paper application there is the position code AND title which makes it precisely clear. Can the electronic application have something similar?


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So, the COR made the wrong selection? Your request is for the “applicant” to indicate what they are applying for?

It’s on the “applicant” portion of the adult application (, so it makes sense for it to show up on the applicant portion of the new adult/multiple online system.

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Agreed. It makes sense. It wasn’t clear what happened.

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Correct. Here’s the problem. The COR got the application with NO indication of what my desired position was. While that info was relayed verbally there was a communications error.

That created a problem but it was solved (he just moved me over in Position Manager).

But the longer term issue is that the current electronic adult application provides NO space for what the position is they are seeking. There are only 3 steps.

Step 1 is basic information where ASSIGNED POSITION is blank and can NOT be added at the time of application.

Step 2 is criminal information

Step 3 is payment (not applicable where there is a multiple as is the case here)

NOWHERE is there ANYTHING comparable to the paper application’s space(s) for Position Code and Position Title

Thus I am asking that in Step 1 a space be put for “Scouting position title”

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Yes, it would make sense for it to appear. Unfortunately, it does NOT appear on the new adult/multiple online system.

And I am at a loss as to why.

A follow-up. My COR has moved me in position manager to Committee Member but it is NOT reflected in profile (I’m still mistakenly listed as an ASM) or Scoutbook or anywhere else.


For 2022, I see you registered as an ASM for Troop 0020G, Committee Member, Key 3 Delegate and Unit Training Chair for 0300B and MBC in Colonial Virginia Council.

Is it possible your COR moved your for Troop 300 but not 20?

In December 2021 I rechartered with Troop 300 as a committee member for 2022. and yes Key-3 Delegate and Unit Training Chair as well.

On February 23, 2022 I attempted, using the electronic adult application system, to multiple to Troop 20 as a committee member.

Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and my COR for Troop 20 (who is also COR for Troop 300) assigned me as an ASM for Troop 20.

Last night (February 28) he indicated he went into Position Manager and moved me from Assistant Scoutmaster to Committee Member and Saved Changes.

This is NOT however reflected in anything and I remain listed/registered as an ASM.

I would give it 24 hours to take effect on position changes like that

This is why I had suggested that the new adult application system needs to have as an option that the adult registering (or in my case multiple-ing) in order to avoid these issues. That option is available on the paper application, I’m not sure why it was not added for the electronic version.

Good point. I’ve just had such good luck lately with similar changes or adult applications showing up instantly/within a few hours that when mine didn’t it seemed odd/broken.

OK, still nothing. At this point I’m just going to have to get him to sign a paper copy and drive down to the scout office.

Again: it would be helpful to have it so that the position being requested is directly in the application, just as it is on paper.

Great ideas, like this one, get put on “the list”. Implementation of such good ideas will always take longer than the current system. So, we can hope this would be added / improved in 6 months. Not 6 days.

I hope the SUAC added it to the list, but since this isn’t Scoutbook, it maybe outside of their sphere of influence.

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The developers said the list was left off intentionally - when asked why we have not received a valid or good answer back. So case closed for now

Which list? I’m confused.

So the developers are not even going to consider adding this to the electronic application, but the paper application still has the box(es)?

The list of positions or position Code - they expect CORs to go in and approve and then assign a position

Then why is it on the paper application?

I think you could argue it’s on the paper application to tell the registrar which position to enter, not the COR.

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It does not have to be logical - it is the BSA

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