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Pack Leader Cannot Pull our Den Advancements vis Advancement Report

Our pack leader does not see my scout’s advancements when using the Advancement Report.

I am Stephen McCollum (showing in the system as the den leader) and Lachlan McCollum is the only scout and also showing as reporting to me, the den leader. All of his advancements show approved and earned. Anyone have any ideas why the Pack leader cannot see ours?

What tool are you using when you see your son?

I am at scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard and it shows me as the den leader and him as the connected scout. It shows all of his adventures as Earned and Approved.

Ok, are you concerned that you can’t see the other scouts in your den? Or is it just that the Cubmaster can’t see your son?

If the former, I see you are listed as a den admin of a Tiger den and a Den leader of a Lion den. You should be both den leader and den admin of whichever den(s) you are leader for?

For the latter, could you provide the Cubmaster’s initials?

I can see and approve everything I need but the Pack leader cannot see his advancements in the report to officially mark them accomplished.

My son is a Lion in Den 2. The Cubmaster is GB but the pack leader running the report is JF.

Does this answer your questions?

I think they “messed up” at one point and marked him as a Tiger. But he is a Lion. I do properly see him as a Lion but wondering if that Tiger part needs to go away?

You could probably put an end date on your tiger den admin position if you aren’t doing anything with the tigers.

Is the advancement coordinator unable to see his awards on the needs approval report or somewhere else? Can you give me an example of something she can’t see?

She is calling it the “advancement report” that shows her all of the advancements for all scouts in all the dens.

She’s the one who approved Lions Honor, Animal Kingdom, and Fun on the Run. I see King of the Jungle and Mountain Lion are also complete but not approved. Which of these are we talking about?

She approved Lion’s Honor and then I think something got messed up after that. Then I approved the Animal Kingdom, Fun on the Run, and King of the Jungle. He has Mountain Lion as his last unapproved adventure.

As the pack leader she simply approved them based on me showing her the screenshot but she mentioned “that is not official to get his rank when it comes to official BSA” So not sure what that means being a newbie this year.

I assume she is referring to purchasing the actual rank badge. That does require an advancement report, but he hasn’t finished all the requirements yet. So, I’m not exactly sure beyond that.

It’d be nice to get a screenshot of what she’s seeing that’s missing something. If you can get that, I can start a private message.

Will do! I will follow up with her.

I got screenshots from her when you are ready for private message.

Looks like she goes to:




She says she approves pending advancements and then hits “run report” button.

She says none of them show as his. She says they allowed her to award him his belt loops because she manually sent them a screenshot that I forwarded to her.

The first one is the URL for the Report Builder Manager. I’m not 100% sure why someone would go there first, since it only provides reports, not functionality to mark things as Completed/Leader Approved. The second URL is for Internet Advancement. IA can mark complete adventures and ranks as Leader Approved, but does not see the underlying requirements for each adventure.

I’m a little confused by a couple of things.

  1. It sounds like you are the den leader for the den. Is there a reason you’re not marking the individual requirements and overall adventures/ranks as “Leader Approved” in Scoutbook? That would obviate the need for your cubmaster to go in and separately mark them approved in Internet Advancement.

  2. I can’t figure out why the cubmaster can’t see a completed adventure in Internet Advancement. If it’s marked Complete in Scoutbook, it should appear as needing approval both in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. If it’s marked as Leader Approved, it should show on the advancement report/PO in both Scoutbook and Internet Advancement.

  3. Is there a reason that your Cubmaster isn’t working in Scoutbook when trying to mark advancement requirements as Leader Approved? It sounds like you’re working there as the den leader.

I apologize for my ignorance as this is my first year as a “accidentally nominated den leader” since my son is the only scout in the Lion den.

I did approve his adventure completions as the “leader” and they appear in working order on my side. The Cubmaster just doesn’t see his along with the rest of the pack so she is somehow reporting it back to BSA officials? Not sure how that works.

Well there is the Answer - they are already approved - that is why they are not seen. Scoutmaster (Advancement chair) just needs to go to Scoutbook.scouting.org and Unit > reports > Needs Purchasing - everything is there

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So, the easiest way to understand it is that any adventure, rank or award marked Leader Approved in Scoutbook (scoutbook.scouting.org) or in Internet Advancement (advancements.scouting.org) updates the BSA database, assuming that the scouts are properly registered with your unit. The only thing left to do once advancement/awards are approved is to bring an advancement report and/or purchase order to your local scout shop to purchase the required paraphernalia.

There is a lot of great info on how the software works at help.scoutbook.scouting.org including some getting started pages:

Getting Started with Scoutbook Archives | Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Great info Charley! Thank you so much! Maybe this will help the pack leader since I “approved them” already. I really appreciate it!

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