Parent cannot add Merit Badge Counsellor

Have you tried recently? It was fixed for adult leaders a few weeks ago. It worked for me just now. Registered leaders searching for registered MBCs is not a known bug (anymore). There is either an unknown bug or something specific to your situation.

@PaulWohlrab - works for me but based on your other posts… you avoid scoutbook like the plague so why bother postings about.

I do avoid Scoutbook because it has a lot of issues. BUT, I do need to use it to add rank, MB completions, and possibly awards to it so they get registered in National. I also get a few counselors that want to be connected. So, as a FYI, I did try to connect a counselor to a scout. It only works if I use the counselors email so it is still broken. Searching by name still does not work.

@PaulWohlrab - i was able to search by name so not sure what the issue is for you. Is there a name you could offer for me to try.

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Search by name is not the best way - If you know the Scout as Jim, but Firstname in SB is James, and Nickname in SB is Jim - Search will not find Jim XXXXXX

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I just tried searching for multiple MBC’s from Scout’s Connections page. It worked as long as I used the MBC’s full name (not a nickname like Jim or Ed).

You can also go to a Scout’s merit badge requirements page and use the “Lookup/Invite Counselor” button, which will search for MBCs in your council for a particular merit badge.

And just as an FYI - the Lookup/Invite Counselor is a Feature Assistant Extension feature.

Without the extension the button on that page is simply Invite Counselor and takes you to the add connections page.

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I would be concerned that the extra positions may cause a reduction in permissions. I’d take off New Member Coordinator, advancement chair, training chair, and YPT champion. When you say key3, do you mean since your a SM, or was that added as a delegate with all the other extraneous roles?

…or do you mean Scoutbook Unit Admin? I’ve seen folks mis-speak meaning the two keys next to their name in the Scoutbook roster.

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Parents have no business accessing that list. It violates three separate sections of Guide to Advancement to let them and circumvents the Merit Badge Counselor process as outlined in GtA.

Guide to Advancement (“The council or district counselor list or database is made
available to troops, crews, and ships. Scouts should not have access.”)

Guide to Advancement (“Scouts should not have access. Their interaction with the Scoutmaster in discussing work on a badge, and obtaining a counselor’s name, is an important part of the merit badge plan.”)

Guide to Advancement (“Due to concerns about merit badge counselor privacy and
since Scouts should receive the names and contact information from the Scoutmaster, unit counselor lists should not be made available to Scouts.”)

Scoutbook should not be allowing Scouts, via their parents, to violate GtA.

@WilliamsburgScouter read Gary’s post - he is not saying access the list - he is saying create the connection if know - that is how SB is designed to work. It is assumed the SM talk has happened


I have been Key 3 in SB since we needed to at least use it somewhat. I was made key 3 due to being advancement and all the other things I do in Troop. I was ASM then. All the other positions is not the problem because I have held them within SB for at least 4-5 years. Thanks for the thought though.

I did some more testing this morning. Searching by name within the “add connection” does not work. Using the counselors email does work and bring up the counselor. I verified this on 5 scouts and 5 different counselors.
That means that part of the bug/issue is resolved. I will just remember to use their email when I have a counselor that wants to connect which is only a few times a year.


Is there a red text key 3 designation in Scoutbook? I don’t think I have seen it. If you are the SM, you are by definition a key 3 member.

Just because permissions have worked in the past, it doesn’t mean they are the cause in the future as Scoutbook has evolving permissions and settings.

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I believe that we have tried that but I will try again. None of the pack leaders were able to connect my husband to our daughter either. It’s been a few months since they last tried so I will ask them to try again as well. Thank you.

@DeannaGazda Because your husband is already connected to your 2 other children in the same pack, your pack leaders should be able to connect him to your daughter by using the Connections Manager in Scoutbook. The Connections Manager is available to Pack Admins on the Pack Roster page.

After they create a connection between your husband and your daughter, they will then need to go to your daughter’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on your husband’s name, and change the connection type to “Parent/Guardian”.

Alternatively, your husband can log in to Scoutbook and connect himself by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

and then click on the red text “Connect to your Scout as Parent/Guardian”:

I found that I have to check “include MBC only” to find MBC’s that I was looking to connect my Scout to.

Thank you very much. We were successfully able to connect my husband and daughter.


We are having the same problem:
I am a scout’s parent and try to add Merit Badge counsellor for my son, but when I try to search for the Counsellor I always get the error message “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” It does not matter if I use BSA number or email, it does not work. And at times the Scoutmaster cannot do it either (out of council).

Very frustrated, as the system worked great and now it is doesn’t…and hasn’t for some time as I posted about this in August.

Many counselors do not want to add on their end (as it is time consuming) so you connect or have to snail mail a paper bluecard.

This issue should be able to be resolved by now. Keeping person information safe, should not mean preventing the system from being functional.

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@Dcamp Could you please post the BSA member number of a Merit Badge Counselor that you are having trouble connecting? (No names, please)