Parents are not appearing in IA Roster but are connected to Scouts in Scoutbook

I notice when I search for parents of youth Scouts in Internet Advancement that they are not appearing in the roster. The only names in IA are registered youth Scouts and Adult Leaders. Is this correct system behavior? I’m trying to find the BSA numbers for parents who have registered Scouts so that when they fill out an adult leader application, they don’t get another new BSA number. I want to find their existing BSA number in Scoutbook or IA. These parents were assigned a BSA number when they filled out the parent form when their Lion or Tiger Scout registered.

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Shirley Hou, BSA Number #135046328
Pack 99 Committee Chair

For non-leader parents, I can see the BSA ID in their Edit Extended Information in Scoutbook.

ETA: I can’t tell from the Scoutbook change log post (June 29, 2022 Scoutbook Updates) for sure whether this is the expected behavior or not.

ETA2: Actually, it looks like I can also see the BSA ID for parents who are also registered leaders using Edit Extended Information. I’m going to guess based on that fact that seeing BSA ID in Edit Extended Information is the intended behavior for all adults.


Thanks for your reply. I should have said that I’m looking for BSA ID and other fields that used to be visible in one place before Scoutbook split out part of the profile managed in IA and part as “Extended Information” in Scoutbook. This data could be home address, emails, etc. Short of saving a copy of individual adult applications online when I approve them, I don’t know where to get all the basic information in one place.

Here is an example: one parent who has connected to his Scout does not have an email address listed in his profile in Scoutbook (upper left corner when I click on the Connected Parent link). I know his email from offline conversations. I want to add that email officially in Scoutbook so other leaders can pull it up in the roster. Can I add it to this parent’s profile in Scoutbook? It’s not an extended information.

Hrm…I haven’t encountered that specific problem with any of our parents before. All of our parents have had an email address associated with their account. Even before the most recent change, I don’t think you could edit a parent’s email address once they were connected to their account. However, I think that they can still edit their own email address in Scoutbook, if they can log into their account. If they don’t have an associated email, though, maybe this might work?

It indicates that the only way a parent ends up with an account (but without an associated email address) is if a unit uploads adults that way. However, I think the majority of the ones I’ve heard about occurred when accounts were created (presumably through an automatic process) for parents who were associated with their scouts in the BSA’s person database, but had no associated email address listed there.