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PLC Scoutbook Access?

Hi. New to the forums. Hopefully this question is not a repeat.

We just returned from summer camp. During camp we hold a PLC meeting to discuss how we want to approach our scouting year. The discussion is high level, gearing towards whether we feel advancement based or merit badge based camping themes are needed for the upcoming camping season.

Our SPL was reviewing the scout advancement information during the meeting when he stated, “wow, adults see way more than I do. Can I see all the scouts and their advancements?”. After looking through all available options we don’t see a way an under 18 scout can have Admin rights. Any thoughts or work arounds to this problem? I heard from another troop at camp that Troop Master has this feature. Thanks!


Scouts cannot see other Scouts. They could look at SB signed in as an adult. That is the only current option

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We agree and would like the scouts to have more access. They will eventually, but it’s not an easy thing to change given the way Scoutbook was architected.


We have a Troop_Webmaster adult account that has view profile and view advancement for all Scouts. The PLC members have the log in info for this account so they can see advancement and send messages as part of their POR tasks.

It’s a hack to work around the SB limitations, but it seems to be working OK.

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