Please merge account profiles

I have scoutbook user ID 1454225, BSA member ID 127241048, and also BSA ID 13110770. Can those BSA IDs be merged to the first one listed? Iā€™m not sure how I got two separate accounts. Thanks!

@KellyFlannery1 do you know your NON-email username and password? is everything before the @ of your email. That is the one that needs to survive

I believe @DonovanMcNeil

@KellyFlannery1 yes that will be the log in from now on

Can I trouble you to merge the following accounts?

Old number: 14245388
Surviving number: 14075781

I forget which other info we should provide and should not provide here in this public forum. I am the Vice District Chair of Asia West of FEC; this member of Pack 12 Shanghai has asked to help merge his numbers. Let me know if you need more info.


@ChrisShanghai These 2 accounts have different first names but I do believe they are the same person. They also have 2 different emails; does it matter? One is 12561793@ the other is 179719053@ .

Thank you Mr. McNeil. The 12561793 is the email for the account we want to keep. Yes he used two different first names; we can keep the first name with X as the name for the merged account.

@ChrisShanghai OK they are fixed - only the username remains - the email log in was deleted - but that email was applied to all accounts