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Reminder Email Showing Wrong Start time

@JamesDellomo go to your pack/troop page in scout book and get me the number after “unitID=“ in the URL.

My code is: 109667


@jacobfetzer Thank You so much for your help. I ran a test reminder in ScoutBook and it now shows the correct time along with the time zone. All is well again and I’m happy that I can re-enable these automated reminders.

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Troop 7007 B in Prescott, AZ has just started using Scoutbook for calendar events. We are experiencing the same time zone issue. We are AZ GMT -7 time zone. I can’t seem to find how to correct this in any of my admin settings in Scoutbook. The UnitID in our URL IS UnitID=101953

Our troop meeting scheduled for 6:00pm - 7:30pm resulted in a reminder time of 8:00pm-9:30pm.

Calendar: Troop 7007 B
Event: Troop Meeting
Where: YMCA of Yavapai County
When: Oct 13, 2020 8pm-9:30pm

@StaceyHaggart I’ve reported this to the developers

@jacobfetzer I am having this issue for my California Pack 556 (UnitID=111208). Am hoping you can set us to PST. The reminders came through with CST times and we had a few kids show up 2 hours late…

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Can you help our Troop? We are experiencing the same issue. Computer/Internet time zone is set correctly. Reminders sent show the time an hour earlier than what we set in the calendar.
Our Unit ID in the URL is: 121649
We are EST for a timezone.

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@jacobfetzer Sorry - was wondering if there was an update, or some other action I need take to correct this issue? Other than trial and error, how will we know if the issue is corrected?

@LloydThyen They usually get it fixed within 1-2 business days. I’ve asked for a status on yours. Unfortunately, they don’t usually let me know when they have been fixed. At this point, they may be done for the weekend. So, I may not hear back from them until late Sunday night.

Jacob- thank you - your efforts are sincerely appreciated!

Lloyd Thyen

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I am facing the exact same issue - in my case, I got two reminders, one which did not show the time zone and was one hour early (my unit is in EDT) and another which showed the timezone, and the correct time.

I tried to submit a Support ticket to scoutbook.support@scouting.org - but got a notice back that Support is no longer provided and I have to reach out to my council. My council has no way to fix what is obviously a bug.

I have been a strong proponent of Scoutbook for my unit for a long time, even using the paid version before it was acquired by BSA… but this kind of issue makes it an uphill battle, and frankly I have more pressing issues to contend with than a system which is supposed to help, which ends up creating more work.

I also realize that the Scoutbook User Advisory Council folks on this board are volunteers too… just struggling to remain cheerful with the mess we currently have with Scoutbook. Something has to give.

@JoseOrdinas-Lewis It looks like you are getting two reminders because it was sent to two units. One must not have the time zone set properly. Please provide me with the “UnitID=“ number from each unit page’s URL and the correct TZ.

Troop 148 - UnitID=203436 and Troop 48 - UnitID=53265

Both units are in Sherman CT (Linked troops) - and should be set to Eastern Daylight Time right now.

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@LloydThyen They tell me yours was fixed on Friday

just tested and seems to be working! Thanks so much for your help!

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I just created a test meeting to check on what time the reminder is reporting and it seems to be resolved now. Thank you!!!


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