Report of Paid Members

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I need to run a report that shows all of my paid adult members. I see the Roster in my Org Manager. Is this the list of Paid members?


When you say paid, do you mean registered adult volunteer?>Menu>Your Unit>Roster. Show all adults.

If an adult is “multipled” in another unit, they maybe didn’t need to pay to be on your roster. The Executive Officer is also in the roster, but isn’t a paid member.

That’s a great point to mention the paid differentiator. All adults who sign up to have My.Scouting account has a member ID number but only paid member are considered registered. To define and label each: Registered Member is paid but just Member is an adult who has a my.scouting account but not paid. Correct?

Using this trail,>Menu>Your Unit>Roster, I will have a list of paid member who will need to renew their paid membership, correct?

Exception: the executive officer who is also the chartered organization representative which is a paid fee position per


For packs, Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are also not paid.

Ok. Not the whole story. Summing IO the other 2 comments…

Executive Officer (with no other roles) - not paid
Someone whose primary registration in another unit (multipled into yours) - not paid
Lion and Tiger Adult Partners - not paid

All else, yes.

@DianaSmith - Not exactly.

Historically the “member” position “M” has been used for youth members. There are other positions that are reported on unit rosters.

Depending on the program, a unit may have non-fee participants on their roster. For example, the Cub Scouting “Tiger Adult” position “AP”. I do not use the report you are asking about, so I do not know which positions are being reported on that report.

Reporting fees paid can be complicated because there may be both national, local council and chartered organization fees, that vary by unit. My understanding is that my.Scouting tools (including Scoutbook) may not have information on all fees that need to be paid. Some units have sponsored youth members whose fees are paid by others.

I am not sure where to send you for local help.


Bill - you are confusing the situation. These are not listed on a unit’s roster.

What if the person is listed as a Tiger or Lion partner but also a paid member? How do I know? I basically need a list of folks who I need to charge for renewal.

@DianaSmith - if you log into then select the unit then click on recharter it will list everyone and on the right is the associated fee. A lion/tiger adult partner who is also a registered leader will be listed twice once as no fee and second as adult fee. Its really not that hard.

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@Stephen_Hornak is right. It is also your unit, so you should know (or someone should, not sure of your role) if the person registered as a Den Leader or member of the committee. That only happens if the person applies and the chartered org rep approves.

@DianaSmith - and there is the option to print roster there as well

Perfect! I appreciate your help. I’m not sure who said pulling the report or finding the right information is hard. You’re right, this is quite easy and clear. However, using three different platforms that all have similar functions/ outputs of data can be a bit difficult to navigate for me considering that I’m also in the trenches of managing a unit and only pull this data once a year. So again, I appreciate everyone’s help. I should have led with my end goal, which I will do my best to do next time. Take care.

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This is perfect! Thanks

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Totally agree. Nearly everyone here is in the trenches. Some of us pull this data often as our units are either in flux or we are data nerds. I’ve been in all 3 systems a ton since our pack went from 28 to 69 Cubs and 8 to 17 adults in about 2 weeks. Thanks for sticking with us while we helped you figure it out.

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I am very thankful for the help.

I went into the internet advancement platform to pull the report for the recharter to show who owes and the amount including whether they have a Scoutlife subscription so I can use it to enter into our accounting platform. When I print the report, it only shows New, No-fee, Registered. I though I could use these labels - new would be a new registered member but that label is also used for new Lion or tiger adult cubs. Does this make sense?

It would be nice if they were listed as no-fee, is that what you are getting at? I agree.

Yes, and I need a printable list of who opted in for a ScoutLife subscription. That’s not listed on the printable roster either.

So just confirming that there is not a printable report that will show the amount one owes including whether they have opted in for a Scoutlife subscription that I can use to prepare for the recharter.

I think not listing them as no-fee is incorrect, and a bug, as they are no-fee like the executive officer.

I also agree missing Scout Life and the costs on the “Print Roster” report are a miss. I really need line items and totals to share with our treasurer BEFORE I hit ”Validate Recharter and Pay”. Most of us who are doing this recharter work don’t technically have payment responsibilities on the unit. So, I work closely with my treasurer before I hit pay. I really want to send her a report that shows line item costs and total, who is included etc, she responds I approve, please hit pay.