Resolving Duplicate BSA IDs

Hi. I’m having duplicate account issues as well. And now Scoutbook has also unlinked me from my son and won’t connect us again. We have been in 3 different packs so it may be confused at recharter. But we’ve been in scouting for over 5 years and I don’t want to lose our information.

My IDs are 136367606, 134224011, and 13770229.

My son is 136367605.

If you can help that is awesome. We are crossing over to the Troop so I want to make sure he has all of his Cub Scout awards before he’s all done.

@MargaretYoung I sent you a private message.

Hi again, I’m having issues with a parent not being able to login to their account and it won’t let them reset password etc. They just crossed over and apparently this has been a large issue on the pack side. If you could please look into their account and see if there is anything you can do. I would greatly appreciate it.

BSA Memeber #13199745
UserID# 2694152

@CurtAlphonso what do you mean cannot log in? can you be more specific? are they using an email or a user name? That will help us diagnose and advise

I believe it happened back when the my.scouting and scoutbook merged the user names.
According to the parent, they can’t login on either site anymore with either username or their email address and it won’t allow them to reset their password.

@CurtAlphonso it seems fine - I only see an email user name - council can reset that password for him - if he has another username I can send you a direct message to investigate it

Ok, thanks for looking into it. It’s hard when I can’t see what they are talking about. I really appreciate you help.

Looks like I have another multiple account parent.
His Scoutbook account shows him with these numbers:
BSA #13077847
UserID 2600884

The member ID he would like to use is:
Memeber ID: 12442249

Let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks in advance

@CurtAlphonso this is fixed

Wow, there is a reason I have this thread bookmarked. You’re awesome.
Making me look good!

@CurtAlphonso they now need to use their credentials - user=(middlename)(lastname)

I have been asking council to do this for me for over 6 months. My son is about to crossover and I will not be helping a lot with the Cubs anymore… and still, my other leader has two ids. If someone could combine 131995679 to the existing BSA id of 14004996 that would be amazing!!!
Last time I had tried to post on the board, Iguess the response was :slight_smile:

DonovanMcNeilScoutbook User Advisory Council

Dec '21

@StefanieAnderson I see the 2 Scoutbook Users but it does not totally add up - 14004996 has no leader registration in Longs Peak - that is the # that needs to be kept?
No, she lives here now, but they visit OK often, so her kids are part of both councils.

The thread you linked to ended with a question that was never answered. I believe they could have moved forward if you had. No?

Well now both have leader registrations - are both active? @StefanieAnderson

She only has signed in to 14004996 and the other one was created by my council.

@StefanieAnderson By “active”, what we are trying to determine is if the leader is still active in both councils or not.

If the leader is active in both councils, then it is sometimes better to not combine the Scoutbook accounts.

14004996 - Current registrations in Adventure West
131995679 - Expired registrations in Golden Spread

Looks like I have another parent that can’t access their account. They moved from a different council a couple of years ago so it could be a duplicate id number issue.
Please help check this account for me.
BSA # 12364613
UserID 1096995

He is now in Indian Waters Council.
Thanks in advance!

@CurtAlphonso he logged in 4/24/22?

I have no idea, they just complained that they can’t access the account. Are you seeing something otherwise?

@CurtAlphonso I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)