SB and internet recharter conundrums


Issue #1: “Resolved”
I have membership ID’s for 3 different councils.
I am active in 4 units and am a MBC and District volunteer in FEC.
I logged into SB today and thought everything was fine. I attempted to add a youth to one of our units, but was pushed back to my dashboard. No changes were committed. I repeated this process - and looked further from my parent role.

My scout was in her appropriate unit, but the unit no longer showed on my dashboard - either as a parent connection nor as a leader. I could see her and could see the list of units, but couldn’t actually go further than my dashboard.

I checked MyScouting and saw that my membership ID for my current council was no longer listed. I re-added the FEC memberID from my SB profile in MyScouting.

I RE-Logged into SB and my profile picture had disappeared as well as my details. I now had no access to any of the units. SB prompted me to change my password, which I thought was odd, and postponed.

The COR investigated on his end and confirmed that I show on the roster in both SB and MyScouting, for units and District, etc, but it we found another entry with my name attached to my daughter. My memberID was the same on both profiles….

I logged back into SB and saw that my dashboard was virtually blank. I was prompted to change my password again, which I did.

I logged out and visited MyScouting. My old password worked, but not the new one.

I logged back into SB and the new password worked, not the MyScouting password. All of my profile details in SB were still wiped out. My children were no longer connected either.

Edited to add: I just used the Scouting app (red icon) and found that My gender is now “Male”.
MyScouting app (blue icon) says otherwise….

I’m not sure what has happened in the last couple days, but I could definitely use your assistance. Membership ID: XXXXXX

Issue #2
In addition:
My daughter’s profile was erroneously setup in SB/MyScouting with mismatching information (a mix of her information with mine). I will provide her details via private message.

Issue #3:
Last issue:
The COR and I looked into the recharter for one of our units and found that 100+ members dropped from the roster (via internet advancement) down to 33.
-All members show in the “print roster” report, most show in SB, and ALL are in MyScouting rosters, but only 33 of them show on the recharter screen.
-We hit the “refresh roster” and nothing new appeared. Only 33 of the 160+ members.
-Monday everyone was on the recharter. Today was the “final look” before submitting. (Glad we did!!)
-unit is FEC, Asia East district, PACK 33 (VFW 1054)

Can you help?

Thank you!

Red Scouting app content

Blue MyScouting app details conflict

You need to go to and update your scoutbook profile. I never use the apps myself and recommend that others do not either. They are more geared towards parents and scouts and not leaders.

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The apps are just a repackage of what’s in SB and MyScouting.

It’s easier to post screenshots of consolidated info from the app. I’m using it only for demonstration :slight_smile:

Well it is too much data to try to help you @FelisaLeppo - you need to piecemeal it. The Gender is fixed. Whatever MID you have set as Primary in Manage MID is the MID that will be used to log you in with and you will be directed to only accounts with that MID.
Scoutbook only allows one MID so that either means having multiple Scoutbook accounts, or putting all leadership under one Scoutbook accout (doing this - changes in leadership from councils not using that MID will not take effect.)

So if you list the issues in an organized way we will be happy to try to work through them

Being registered in multiple Councils and trying to use Scoutbook to access data in multiple Councils is a recipe for disaster unless you setup a ID and Scoutbook account for each Council. When you want to login to Scoutbook use the ID you setup for the Council that you want to use Scoutbook for.

Since Scoutbook requires a unique e-mail address for each account, if you are using a gmail address (or some other e-mail system) you can append a + before the @. Gmail will treat the addresses as the same but Scoutbook will see them as different.

For example, you could have myemail+nsc and myemail+lhc before the @ to represent Northern Star and Longhorn Councils.

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I don’t think you understand.

I have never had any issues until this week. I am a legacy SB user (even in Beta).

I need a SB pro to investigate what is going on.

Whatever BSA Member ID (MID) is listed as primary in your ID is the Scoutbook account that will be logged in to either at or the Scouting App. The first thing to do is determine if you are logging in to the expected account by checking the MID at My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Edit Profile. If the MID you logged in to is the one you expected, post the Scoutbook User ID here (found just below the MID on Edit Profile) and we can determine if the MID was switched on that account.

I completely understand this protocol.

As Indicated, everything has gone sideways in the last several days. No issues with multiple ids under single SB UserId. I just switch primary as needed.

i have to remember to scrub member ID’s from earlier posts since I’m posting multiple times.
61064 normal SB UserID
12198498 duplicate SB userID

I know it may sound lame, but the fact that it worked before, ends up being regretfully irrelevant. As a Microsoft programmer I follow would say “it wasn’t in the contract to work that way”. So, even if it worked awesome for you before, it was just a happy coincidence that now unhappily no longer works. Since it is “outside of the contract”, you likely won’t get support to get it changed back to working. I know, not what you expect or are hoping for. :frowning:

I hear that.
It’s (not) strangely coincidental that the recharter is all bungled in the same timeframe that my account also became bungled.
I’ve been using SB since 2013. I’ve seen user errors all over the place. I did a search through the “merge this and that account” threads. I am seeing a pattern….

Laughing a little now. I checked the “SB(red)” app and now it shows 2 accounts ! image|230x500

Are you currently active in multiple councils? Or are the others historical for you? If they are historical, we can easily merge them and set the correct access.

Historical. Our children still have MB open with counselors in previous councils. With the latest scrub, I am no longer tied to any of my previous scouts (as their MBC).

Thank you for taking the time to investigate the symptoms.

Why with the same member ID is SB fetching (or created) a new user ID?

My current FEC member ID is now split: one male and one female.

I merged the accounts. Log in with your My.scouting username and see how everything looks, and we can go from there.

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