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Scout disappeared from Scoutbook


Your scout is disappearing because he/she does not appear on the Akela roster. Log in to my.scouting.org, go to member manager and make sure the Scout is on the roster, the name and BSA Member ID match what is in Scoutbook. If the Scout is missing from the roster, as a workaround you can set the start date to today and the Scout will not be removed.

She is on the roster and all information matches.

Please provide us with the ticket number from the automated email reply. It is in the subject line and begins with SSD.

Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-95051

@MeganWright and others, there was a production fix last night that moves some scouts back into the units. Could you check if your issues have been corrected?

She is still not there. Do you want me to add her back manually to see if she disappears again?

@MeganWright - I gather you are a unit admin, perhaps… I would be willing to run a screen share to take a look to see if we can find this scout. If that works please email me at shornak@bloomberg.net and we can give it a try.

I can find her, that’s not the problem. She’s still connected to me through my connections and all of her information is still there. The issue is that she keeps being removed as an active scout and an end date entered terminating her membership in the unit.

Ok… a bit different than the above reads. If you are connected then I would remove the end date and lets see if the removal happens again.

I have done that at least 20 times in the past ten days and she has always disappeared again after some period of time. I just added her again this morning and will report if she disappears again or if the maintenance had an impact.

The developers say that the last name didn’t match because of a “-“ in the last name. If I understood correctly, the SB version has it, and the official roster version doesn’t. Is that correct?

Yes, although I removed the hyphen in Scoutbook as one attempted fix with no effect. In addition, her twin sister also has no hyphen on the official roster and has a hyphen in Scoutbook but we don’t have the same problem with her falling off the troop Scoutbook roster.

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Thanks for the additional info. It has been passed on to the developers, and they will continue to investigate.

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Our unit is experiencing scouts and connections disappearing as well. Could this be tied to recharter entries being made at the council level? Otherwise it appears to be a system issue. These Scouts have been with our unit and in Scoutbook for several years. They do not appear on my Scoutnet roster either. Boys that we did not recharter are still on the roster though.


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with details of your issue including unit, council and the names of the Scouts you are having trouble with. Post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies. We will have the developers investigate.

I’m having the exact same frustrations. My son’s account keeps getting marked as a past membership, while he is still active, with the same message:

“ DatesEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 Day Lapse”

Ticket is SSD-97001

Been removing his end date and that sticks for maybe a day or less. We are being left out of the loop on events and communications. Extremely frustrating!!!

As a workaround:. I believe that if you create a new membership with today’s start date, rather than fiddling the end date of the existing one, it will give you an extended “hiatus” (60 days?) from the auto-disconnect. That might give super enough time to figure it what the problem is and keep y’all in the loop more effectively.

I’d seen that suggested and have taken that tactic to keep in the loop. Hopeful the 60 day extension will stick, and even more hopeful that Scoutbook IT support can squash this bug!

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@AlanGyssler1 I passed your ticket along to the developers also. They are looking into the root cause, but I don’t know how close they are getting to a solution.

Thank you! I have been corresponding with support contact Adora Eli.

I adjusted my scout’s start date to 2/17/20 to hopefully prevent going inactive for the next several days. Keeping in the loop is getting increasingly difficult lately, as invites and messages are inactive when not in an active den assignment. Fortunately, we also use text and email correspondence within our Pack and Dens, so I’m still seeing some of the activity.