Scoutbook Account Sync Issues

Follow-up post on issue reported previously. Scoutbook Account Problems and is Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-109406.

The solution on 24 MAY 2021 from SUAC resolved most of the issues. However, the youth account (#128021415) is still missing rank requirements, merit badge requirements, notes, pictures, training, awards, and OA information. The scout has been in the troop since 2017. SUAC confirmed information is available, but how long will the account restoration take until all details are complete?

What rank Reqs are missing? if for completed ranks it does not matter
Same for MBs. Requirements for uncompleted are a different matter - same for notes - as we pulled the MBs from AKELA that SB data might be lost for now. And the Ticket you mention might be able to restore from backups
This scout has no training recorded in AKELA which is the Official place of record. Unit leaders can do that at > Training Manager
Awards - I see 2 in AKELA for Scout but that sync is broken
OA info we are not sure on but it can be recreated from info from lodge

I sent you a personal message about this, click on your icon in the upper right then the envelope.

Bill Nelson, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

Thank you Donovan. I sent a DM to Bill. But let me answer your questions.
All incomplete rank requirements (Life & Eagle) seem to be updated. I had to do some backfilling on Star and Life as Star was marketed complete, but lacked dates. Star has some requirements updated. Scout to 1st Class do not have any requirements populated, but are complete. I would prefer all our work even at the requirement level not be lost though I understand the overall rank is complete.

Training: Missing NYLT. Fair point on Training Manager as I do not know if the local Council updated NYLT records to I do not know if my Training Coordinator (Asst. SM) went though to update youth training.

Awards: I think we may be fine as all were in progress.

OA: I can get from the lodge, but just did not want to do so much manual work.

Normally, councils update NYLT training based on records that they receive from the NYLT course directors. I would recommend contacting your council.

Units can update ILST, because it is training that is conducted by the unit.

Yes. I will follow-up with unit Training Coordinator and Council on NYLT.

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