Scoutbook Role functions grid?

Is there a grid or listing of what functions each role has in scoutbook? Would like to have this as a Key3 Delegate so I can help the unit by assigning the right role for the function we need. ie. Health Forms dates. Which role would they need to be assigned if the position needs to update Health Form dates and Swim Check dates? This is the specific question but would be great to have a link to all functions or a grid. Thanks

Updating health form and swim check dates requires Edit Profile or Full Control.


Someone asked for some getting-started resources in Scoutbook, and some of the links I posted there might help with the general question of roles and permissions in Scoutbook.

Keep in mind that the help wiki gets outdated periodically as modifications are made to Scoutbook, so there may be things that don’t work quite the way they are documented. The SUAC and BSA-IT folks try to keep stuff up-to-date, but updating documentation is generally a distant second to trying to resolve problems that are impacting the users in real-time. If you spot something that doesn’t work the way it shows in the wiki, please post a thread with the details in the Scoutbook Bugs forum to let the SUAC folks know.

ETA: Keep in mind that these are germane to Scoutbook, not necessarily the entire extent of what a Key 3 Delegate can do in IA2 and/or my.scouting. Generally, K3D is equivalent to Key 3 in IA2, but there are some restrictions in my.scouting. As far as I can tell, those restrictions are not well documented, at least not anywhere I’ve found yet. There was a bit of a discussion germane to that in this thread:

The thread was about something related, but not specific to your overall questions. You kinda have to read through various posts to see elements of the discussion germane to the issue of capabilities, but there is some discussion of limitations and nomenclature, and links to a couple of documents that discuss some (but not all) of the limitations.

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