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See something not working right? Here is the place to report it

If you don’t have needs purchasing, there is an issue with your position or your permissions. You need to be a unit admin or Advancement Coordinator AND have at least edit advancement permissions for all scouts.

I am having the same issue with our girl troop. I have access to enter, approve and award advancements so I would assume I should be able to do “needs purchased” make my shopping list and get the rank advancement page.
I need this in order to go purchase the awards so it’s frustrating

I have a den leader who shows having access and has had access before, but first got a message about his connections

Ans is no longer able to access his den.

Is this a daily glitch? His name is Bobby Rush and We’re Pack 15, Madison, MS

Hi, Michael,

If you are a unit admin, have you tried going into the leader’s profile and approving their den leader position again? Not sure what would have bumped him, but I’ve seen similar sorts of glitches pop up before. Toggling the leader’s position approval has helped in some cases.

Thank you, He is approved… I’ll try toggling him. He shows Full Admin on my screen.

Yeah, the display does not always seem to match the actual state of the approval.

I’m not sure how that’s possible, unless there’s some sort of an asynchronous update between what’s displayed and the actual toggle state itself (e.g. only update the displayed state when a manual change to the approval is made). In that case, a behind-the-scenes change (e.g. an automatic process that’s glitching) could alter the actual permissions without firing the process to reset the displayed state. 'Course I’m just throwing stuff at the wall, since I don’t know how the UI and back-end are coded…

Thank you! Source Code is the best user manual.

It’s sounds to me like he has two accounts. Send an email to Provide the leaders name, email address, and bsa member number. Ask them to search for and merge the accounts.

I’m the CC for linked troops. All of a sudden today I am no longer connected to any of the girls in the girl troop except my own daughter but I’m still connected to all the boys in the other troop??

Hi, Mary,

I have occasionally seen situations where the permissions/positions “revert”, even though they still appear to be correct. Have you tried toggling your CC and Unit Admin positions with the girls’ troop? Navigate down to My Positions from My Dashboard, then enter the unit admin position, check the “I agree…” box and hit Update. Sometimes that gets things going again.

Hi Charley-
Checking the “I agree…” box didn’t do anything- but it’s also not staying checked, should it? I check it, hit Update and then when I go back in it’s unchecked again…


Hi, Mary,

Unfortunate that it didn’t work.

What you described about the box not remaining checked is the behavior I observe when I visit that page.

I’m seeing a data error in Internet Advancement 2.0. One of my scouts is a Second Class, with everything properly recorded via Scoutbook. When I view the troop roster at the front of IA 2.0, it says he is an Arrow of Light scout. When I pull up the roster report in IA 2.0, however, he is listed with the other Second Class, and when I run the advancement history report his dates are all correct.

If this is not the correct place to report an issue like this, your redirection is kindly appreciated.

Ken Adams
Committee Chair
Troop 4019, Delanco, NJ

Ken - if you are using scoutbook to record advancement then there is no reason to be in IA2.0. But I will ask what is the status of that second class rank in socutbook ? Is it just completed, or is it approved ?

When adding Invitees to an event after the event occurred (like parents that were left off the invite), they can not be checked off for attendance if they show up.

Completed, approved, and awarded.

Yeah, I know I am not supposed to be using IA, but I have to give a presentation on it at my district program launch on Saturday.

Hey Ken - I gather you are Garden State Council. What time and where is the presentation… perhaps in Westampton (forgive the auto correct) or the Rowan Service Center. I offer my assistance if needed.

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