OK. The only thing Scoutbook is doing this afternoon is spinning!!

I think there’s an issue with Scoutbook today. There is another forum post with 5+ users reporting problems with Scoutbook, My. Scouting, and IA.

Something is going on… there has been a lot of “Scoutbook will be down for Maintenance…” messages over the past few weeks, there were lots of reports of duplicate scouts, parents, volunteers appearing on rosters in conjunction with re-charter, then the email issues. My advancement’s chair lost all of his permissions overnight… we can’t seem to get that fixed. council service desk can’t keep up with the “trouble tickets” … I don’t think they have a full time Council level administrator on staff for my Council.

UPDATE: After much review, the error was apparently a bad birthdate somehow entered into the field. Once that was corrected, the individual showed up where I could select him in position manager and in the adult leader roster.

@DonaldHume post the BSA Member ID for your advancement chair (no names) and we will investigate.

spinning issues should be resolved now

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