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Unable to access my children/my own information

I’m more than a little disheartened to see that they have removed access of logs from a scout’s parents and that they’ve removed access of adults/scouts from even their own logs. This is an absurd solution to “protect” data.

I’m sure you can totally make a reasoned argument that we should limit some access for security (though I’m at a loss to comprehend exactly what should be protected information about a hike/campout/service project and its location/duration), but to be blunt, this feels like a solution for a problem that didn’t exist.

On top of this, there was no advanced notice. There was no chance to update. There was no chance to ensure records were accurate (we can’t even check our own now). I see no reason to centralize and restrict access in this manner.


can you try going to scoutbook.scouting.org and post what you see?

Send email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org - Title: Activities Log
Include your Information (including Scout’s name), BSA #, Council, District and unit type and number
Include a description of the problem you are having

yep send an email like I posted above please

Its not just your problem, everyone has apparently loss access to their own children. All the parents I spoke too can not add in hikes, camping, etc to their kids unless they are set up as leader/admin in their unit.

I’m a leader and I can’t even look at it. (see screenshot above)

So am I, it appears no one who isn’t a Key Three can see any of it, even Ast. Scoutmasters, Den Leaders, etc… (I have an older son in Troop, and younger in Pack)

I have sent a message as well. The problem is also appears to be in the my.scouting side of the system.


Try to go directly to scoutbook.scouting.org and log in there. The developers have found a single sign on issue. This should bypass that issue as a workaround until it is fixed.

While not directed to me, this did not work for me either (cleared cache, reattempted in incognito mode)

Ditto, I get the same screen.

Also, I can view on the app. I can clock the add button, but there is no submit option.

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There are still known issues with parents accessing their children’s logs. A fix is being tested and will be released soon.

Edavignon, I appreciate it, but this issue does not appear to be isolated to just my kids, but also my own logs and that of any other scout with which I am associated

This should not have been done. Leaders are not going to update every kid’s hiking, camping, service log, especially in troops of 40 or more kids.

@ELIZABETHNOTTINGHAM - the scouts should be tracking their own logs. I know my son was able to enter his own hike and service hours and it shows up as pending approval.


I understand that the youth are tracking their own hours, but they are doing this in their personal scout handbooks. The reason for these tracking applications is for the adults in most cases. Ask any scout what JTE or the service hour reporting site are and they will look at your like you are crazy. Their main concern, as should be, is their scouting journey. We have created these things to judge what we see as a healthy program and to make sure we can show everyone else that scouting is doing a good job. So asking the scouts to put this info into an online system is us asking them to do the work that we should be doing. IMHO

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My son uses it to track from his cell phone, more regularly handy than his scout handbook. Asking them to log their hours online and in hard copy is not unreasonable. It teaches them to have a backup. YMMV


My son opened his Scouting app yesterday to enter in an activity. The activity section is blank and he has no place to start a new activity. He was an avid user before, and is nearing his Eagle project and 18th birthday. Making wholesale changes like this ina time when scouts are already stressed was an example of poor planning. If the info doesn’t show back up, I hope National is looking at ways to work with these older scouts. I have already lost two in my troop because they and I were trying to update their records that are now visibly gone. They along with their parents gave up and said they are done with it all. They had lost their handbooks in a move and their units did not track anything, which is another long story.

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My son actually uses scoutbook.com on his phone and pc to enter his progress and logs.