Webelos Scout Bridge to Troop still on Pack Roster

I have a scout that joined a Scouts BSA Troop and is registered with the Troop. He is still showing up on my Pack Roster in My.Scouting MM, as well as IA 2.0, he is not listed in ScoutBook.com. His BSA ID is the same in both units. At what point will he drop off the Pack Roster? It used to happen automatically when they joined a Troop they would be removed from the MM as well as IA 1.0.

Hi, @AaronStorey,

You mentioned he’s still showing up on the pack my.scouting and IA rosters. Is he showing on the troop’s my.scouting roster as well? I wasn’t clear if you meant that he was showing up in the troop’s Scoutbook roster or the troop’s my.scouting roster. If not on the troop’s my.scouting roster, it sounds like your council registrar hasn’t transferred him yet. Otherwise, it sounds like the registrar failed to end his previous membership in the pack and a call to them should resolve that.

He shows up in the Troop my.scouting, and IA 2.0 Roster, as well as both for the Pack. I will contact the Registrar thank you.

Scoutbook does not work properly when a Scout is listed as a member of both a Troop and Pack. For this reason, Member Update will remove the Scout from the pack when adding to a Troop even if the Scout is on both the pack and troop roster in Akela (viewable via Member Manager in my.scouting.org).

The registrar is responsible for all Akela changes. If the Scout is on the Pack and Troop roster in Akela, you need to contact the registrar to have this fixed.

Double check the Scout’s BSA number in the pack vs. the troop. It is possible the Scout got a new number instead of being processed as a transfer.

If that is the case, ask your registrar to combine the Scout’s numbers and retire one then send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to merge the accounts. Include both BSA member IDs and indicate the one that survives.

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