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YPT Not recording completions

Here is a video of what the YPT screens look like and the widget in action.


Had a parent run into same sort of issue, went through all four modules, but only the first module and the test registered complete. She was using Firefox on a Mac. I requested she try again, using Private/Incognito mode, and to try Chrome.
I have had other parents complete the training in one sitting and receive their certificate, too, so it seems to either be intermittent now, or the Mac platform possibly.
Also ran into an issue where I couldn’t access training records through the Training Validation link on my.scouting, too.

Thank you again
Craig Mook

For more data, I had 2 leaders retake their YPT. It was showing up as completed on the reports within hours. So, this is working for some.

I just tested this and it bounces me back to the main screen you see just after logging in. So, it is also broken for me.

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For Training Validation, use an Incognito window. This is the only way I can get it to work.

I’ve tried it, it still kicks me back to the main page.

In the past, I have found that Single Sign On and Training Validation didn’t play well together. I would get an error, instead of results. To avoid this, I log out of My.Scouting, then back in, before I access the Training Validation tool. However, I just tried this with SSO and it worked, so maybe the internal conflict has been fixed.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Don’t you love how working technology is like trying to win at "Whack-a-Mole?’ :wink:

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The my.scouting (MYST) team is looking into the issue with the Training Validation tool.

Training Validation is working for me. I used it earlier today and just now, checking multiple people.

@RickHillenbrand, Yes, and sometimes the Mole refuses to show up for some folks some of the time. :grin:

More like “Thimble, thimble, who’s got the thimble”

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Took all modules and passed the test three days ago (Oct 26, 2020). Waited for more than 24 hours to elapse. My Training still shows last year’s completion date and last year’s certificate. Problem still not resolved.

If you use the “Training Validation” link under “BSA Web Link”, on left select All (Not YPT), select MemberID at the dropdown, and enter your BSA ID number, you can see what modules didn’t register. If you follow the procedures I entered at the top of this Forum, you may be able to complete the modules and finish the YPT. Or you might get the popup widget also mentioned earlier and be able to submit for completion that way, too.

@CraigMook Just tried that, but clicking “Training Validation” link under menu returns me to the my.scouting.org home page with the news feed. I’m a Key 3 delegate, by the way. So it looks like that workaround no longer works - at least not for me.

@MichaelK I sent you a private message.

yes, that is one of the issues I and others are seeing. This is in addition to YPT completions issues, which seem to be hit or miss right now, some do okay, others seem to have modules that don’t register as completed.

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They have improvement since it worked for 2 from our troop, but obviously not fixed for all. So, whom ever fixed it might have thought they were done.