Cannot download more than one year of events using extension

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I’m trying to download the past 4 years of pack and den events so that I can document them in another application we use for planning. I can download the past year’s worth, but if I put a longer date range or a prior date range, I get this error: Error: unable to retrieve eventID 2437497

It may be a shared event with another unit you do not have access to.

If you paste this into your browser, I suspect you will not be able to edit it.

The extension needs edit access to an event to get relevant details.

Thank you for the reply! I tried that link and actually was able to edit it. Depending on what date range I select, I get similar errors with different ID numbers. The date ranges span my time with the pack and prior before I was in Scoutbook. I may try to narrow the date ranges in batches to isolate the culprits.

The export worked fine for the current year but I haven’t gotten it to work for anything prior.

This is potentially a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway. When you navigate to individual events in the date range you’re having trouble exporting, can you open and edit them in the calendar?

Before trying the export, I was able to at least open events from the date range in question, but hadn’t tried to edit. On Gary’s suggestion, I opened an event with the ID from the error and was able to edit it.

We only use ScoutBook for our pack and I have full admin rights so can’t think of what restriction might be coming up on these events. Going to try some narrow date ranges so see if I can figure out what types are throwing the errors.

As I write this, the only thing I can think of is that I didn’t have edit/admin rights at the time the events were planned. I added den and pack leadership roles just this year so I wonder if those aren’t retroactive. If that’s the case, I will have another leader who has been an admin longer try it on their end.

Permissions are not saved per event.

So you’re saying that shouldn’t be the reason for the error, correct?

FYI, IF YOU RECORDED ATTENDANCE in Scoutbook for the old events, opening the event to edit will remove from the invite list anyone who is not currently on the unit roster!

If you want to save the attendance record, at a comment to the event with the attendance noted in the comment BEFORE editing the event.

That should not be the reason.

When you got the error - did it give the date of the event in the error message and just skip the event? There are two errors possible: One will skip the event, the other stops the export.

If the export is stopped, when you edit the event - is there a Calendar selected?


If yours stopped - the extension is trying to get the calendar ID and it isn’t finding one.

I’ve tried different date ranges and always get an error that just returns a single ID, stopping the export. When I open up the event with that ID, there is never a calendar selected.

The current year’s events downloaded fine.

I don’t know if it is standard practice but our calendars are Pack, Lion Den 1, Tiger Den 1, etc. I guess those would reset each year somehow (the group using Wolf Den 1 one year would use Bear Den 1 the next year). Could that be causing this? And any workaround?

I would actually be fine going back and manually updating the events themselves if it wasn’t for the fact that Scoutbook sends me back to current day after closing an event (annoying when editing events from 2019).

Do you mean there is no calendar for the event?

Yeah I bet it is ending of a Den so their calendar no longer exists and the event is just hanging - just exclude the Den Calendars - does it work then

This is the error with the first couple fields from the associated event.

The download option from the extension doesn’t give me an option to exlude den calendars. It’s all or nothing.

I’m assuming I will just need to go back and copy old events one-by-one if I want a complete historical view of meetings. Outside of that, what is the typical data model that people use to assign den calendars? If Our model of having scouts move from Wolf Den 1 to Bear Den 2 and so forth is resulting in this issue, what do others do? Do scouts stay in the same den throughout their time in the pack with rank being tracked separately?

In the calendar view, I unselected the dens and then switched views and tried the download again. It worked great for the pack meetings. So at least now I only need to go back and grab the den meetings one by one. Thank you!

@BrendanCahill - what i have done is to keep the cubs with the same den number throughout. So lion den 1 gets advanced to tiger den 1 then wolf etc. I advance the dens which moves all the scoutsvand leaders up to the next level.


Ok - that confirms the issue.

I am updating the extension to skip events with this error instead of halting.

I do not fully understand what you are trying to accomplish - but Den meetings are very unique to the den, to the leader, and to the year

@DougWright It will only remove them if you save the event after editing. The invitee list is updated when you open the event to edit it - but the update is not saved unless you save the event.

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