Duplicate account/email/IDs

@ChristopherTaylor3 that is solved

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@JenniferOlinger can you please merge two scoutbook profiles for user BSA 131202973? (the other one doesn’t have a number assigned to it, but both have the same email if that helps)

@JamieHaller that is fixed - users ######scout18 username is attached

Troop XXXX is the active unit. (Well, when our recharter is processed that is)

Thank you.

I have a parent with 2 accounts on the same ID. One is connected the other is not. SB 13369856. BSA 140528426. Can you combine for me? Thanks.

@DavidGray4 I have merged the Scoutbook accounts. However, they had different e-mail addresses.

I would recommend asking the parent to log in at my.Scouting and double-check the e-mail address there under “My Profile” (scroll down to the “Contact” section).

This parent tried to login to scoutbook and my.scouting but he cannot. He says he is asked security questions that his answers are rejected. Is there a way his account can be reset so he can setup new login credentials?


Your Council can reset his my.scouting.org password which is also used for Scoutbook.

@DavidGray4 The parent can also use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.Scouting. When asked if he remembers his security questions, the parent can say No to bypass.

@DavidGray4 The other issue is that this parent has 2 usernames at my.Scouting.

The local council can also assist with that.

There is a warning message on my account about another user using the same email address.

@ScottBednas that is fixed

Thank you very much @DonovanMcNeil !

I have another parent/den leader that can’t get through the account link process. I sent him another invite through scoutbook and when he tried to join with his my.scouting credentials he gets the message that there isn’t an account linked to his email address. He can login to his my.scouting.org profile with no issues.
SB 13603975
BSA 115036132
Thanks for any help you can offer

make sure they are going to scoutbook.scouting.org - should be able to get in fine - I do not see a parent connection but that COULD be the log in - but I do not think so

He is using the link provided in the invite email I send him through scoutbook. I can’t see what he’s getting but I assume the link is the one you refer.

Have him use the link I listed and his my.scouting.org username and password

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Hi, I have duplicate scout ID’s I would like to have one removed. 132542489 to be removed and 140186867 to keep. This was previously taken care of, but the old user popped up again after re-charter. Thank you for your time and help.