Duplicate parent accounts merge

Hi there, my son’s account is not linked to the parent account. I can’t figure out how to do this?
His ID is: 13935767, name H., Troop 218
My ID is: 13643752, name M.

Can someone help us please?
Thank you so much!

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Where are you seeing that they are not linked? In Scoutbook? In the Scouting app? At https;//my.scouting.org?

For the former, you may be able to have one of your unit’s Key 3 (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster,Committee Chair,Chartered Org Rep), Key 3 Delegates, or Scoutbook Unit Admins make the connection by inviting your email to connect.

If it’s the app or at my.scouting, then I think your council registrar has to fix that.

@HarrisonFyfe you are signing in as the Scout - you should be using the user name that is yourname to get in

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I am also having the same problem. I have 2 ids the one i use is 13015779 but the other one is 13057208. The 2nd one is connected to my sons id. I would like to merge the 2 and still keep connected with my sons id as well. Thanks in advance

@DeannaHagler I sent you a private message.

I had two accounts that were merged and somehow one of the numbers got deleted. now my scoutbook, connections, activities are all messed up. I can’t figure out how to fix it. My two BSA numbers are 13516872 and 136553394 (this the one that disappeared) Please help. I can’t do anything.

@JodiZemsta that is fixed

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I have two Scoutbook parent accounts with different User IDs. The parent signed up as a den leader and a new User ID was created associated with his BSA ID - so one SB account with a BSA ID and one SB account without a BSA ID. Could you merge them please?

User ID: 11407483
User ID: 12444575


@DavidStrebler ok - the user has the Google log in turned on to sign in

I have the same issue for one of my users. User ID 13349838 is correct and User ID 13583286 needs to be merged into ID 13349838. Can you please merge these two accounts?


Same issue - need to merge accounts
user id 1458166
user id 11252095 / BSA 126323155
user id 10217312
Need to use email

@LidiaBoisson that is fixed

@JodiDahley this is fixed - he needs to us my.scouting.org username and password to log in - NOT email. The user name is the same as what is before @ in email

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks for fixing this so quickly!!!

I have 2 BSA membership #s that need to be merged. Both seem to be connected to my gmail address:

13040608 (Trans Atlantic Pack 007) and 137092889 (NCAC Pack 295)

I need to just have the one attached to NCAC. Thank you!

You can login to https://my.scouting.org and in your profile set your NCAC membership id number to primary.

I will let a SUAC person deal with the Scoutbook account(s) merging.

@MelissaBloomrose Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.