Merging Accounts and the Member Care Contact Center

Does the merger of Scoutbook accounts fall under the “Member Care Contact Center is no longer able to support volunteers” umbrella? Trying to determine if I should be going through the Scoutbook help people that I’ve always used, or do I need to find my local council support people.

Any help is appreciated.

Local council or SUAC are the contacts now - but right now SUAC has not been given all the tools - not sure if councils have

As per my council contacts they were told the would be given tools and further instruction sometime after september 1st

That’s an amazingly vague commitment.

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Merging accounts is a two step process, council registration (which council registrars already know how to do,) and then Scoutbook support.

Unfortunately, with access to Scoutbook support now limited to council personnel, one has to hope that council has the right people to get it straightened out in house, or has the right people who know how to contact the right people at support. :^)

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The 1 September 2020 member-care change was to the JIRA request (ticket) management system, not the Akela/ScoutNET registration systems.

What is your source for this statement? JIRA has two sections, one for member care and one for Scoutbook. My understanding is that it is the member-care part that is being changed.

JIRA appears to be down for maintenance at this time so we are going to have to wait to see how it is configured on Tuesday.

There was a yellow notice at the top of Scoutbook logins to this effect starting a week or so back. There is a similar announcement here:

Someone else got an auto-response from (I forget which thread I saw it in) indicating that support was exclusively via the councils now for anything that SUAC or the other volunteers on this discussion group couldn’t assist with.

ETA: Found it. No ScoutBook Support - How do we resolve duplicate ScoutNet numbers?

Thank you for all of the replies. As stated in my original post, this is about merging accounts in Scoutbook. I have more than one parent that had an account created when their child joined Scouts, only to have a new “Lion/Tiger Adult Partner” account created when their child’s application is processed by national. Unfortunately, since both are attached to a Scout as a parent, we are unable to delete the second account. On this last batch of merge requests, only half were processed by nationals, while the other half never even seemed to register in the help system (all sent with the same hour). Even the ones that were processed, they just moved the BSA Member # to the account the parent has been using, but didn’t delete the second account.

I just wish there was a clear, straightforward method to have this fixed.

Contact your local council. They have ways to reach out to BSA if they need assistance.

were you able to get this worked out via local council? I’m in the same boat, but haven’t even tried to figure out who to contact yet. Thanks!

@FrederickSteffen I reached out to the council today via their “contact us” form on their website. I have no idea when they’ll get back to me. I’ll keep the thread informed as progress evolves.

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