Please merge account profiles

Yes he been registered in (1) North Florida, (2) Far East, (3) Tidewater, and (4) North Florida. We are currently in North Florida and his ID here is 130758978.

I need to have a new leader’s two accounts merged (he was a Tiger Adult and is now a registered leader)

Tiger Adult MID: 14201473
Registered Leader MID: 14172084

Email address is on the Tiger Adult MID.

Thank you.

@CraigTuttle this is fixed - the user needs to understand - to get in scoutbook they need to use user/pass to log in

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Hello Donovan,

My Troop Committee Chairman has two BSA #s and two user IDs on SB which is making things difficult.

Is it possible to merge both? I believe he submitted a new app when he became chairman which triggered a new BSA# and SB UserID. The original was created as a Scout parent.

BSA# 132165326
UserID 2035736

Second set (Adult Leader app)
BSA# 137228393
UserID 11770302

Thanks for your guidance and assistance.

@ChristopherCrump1 we will look at it

@ChristopherCrump1 this is fixed

@AlisonJohnson Your son’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Hello. Our Council recently merged two accounts for one of our new ASM’s. He shows up on our roster but not in Scoutbook. What should we have done to make the connection correctly? Can you see him? **** 12523924.

@LisaDerr well he is a USR - I setup a sync - check later today

He was fully trained as an ASM in April and is on our troop roster in my.scouting as an ASM. His old ID was listed as a USR.

looks like council has not fully processed it yet

Hi, I have two accounts that need to be merged please. 13510516 and 13531399. The first number should be the active number with the training attached. TIA

Hello, I have to 2 account to be merged also.

14097442 - is the account that shows on the Troop Scoutbook
14078924 - is the account the leader is logging into


@RobinVanDyke This parent’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

She needs to log in with her my.scouting user name (the part of her e-mail before the “@”) – not her e-mail address.

@NateY Your adult leader’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

I am also in the same boat with two accounts (one for each kid I have in Scouts):

BSA #: 13024731 UserID: 9819889 (This is the one I would like to keep)
BSA #: Blank UserID: 9811222 (Not sure why this account is blank)

Thanks for the help on this.

@BrianGrade this is fixed

Hi, Tommy here again. I have another adult with two Scout Accounts. The original account got created with a bad e-mail address (left of the .com) and they are also a parent. They linked to their Scout Account with the correct e-mail and now have two. The one with the bad e-mail is where their data (YPT, Committee Training, Account Administrator) seems correct and the linked account is just as a parent linked to their child. Can you merge these accounts for me?

The correct account has user ID11837190 and BSA ID137278656 (but needs a .com on the e-mail address) and the parent account shows user ID12403541 and BSA ID12930842.

Thanks so much.

@TommyDeweese this is fixed


Not sure if this the right thread or not.
My son, age 18 is still shown to be a scout, he would like to become an adult BSA leader, Jr / Asst. Scout Master for Troop 365, can you please assist in correcting/converting this within Scoutbook?
His BSA ID 131777032
He also took the YPT today and the certificate shows up in his training.